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I have the craziest make-over project story.  Well, it’s crazy to me anyway.

I had been looking for some wing-back chairs for our formal living room.  I didn’t want just ANY wing-back chairs, I wanted something with a personality.  Not just a “nice-to-meet-you” personality, I’m talking I wanted a “you-don’t-just-want-to-date-me-you-want-to-marry-me-and-live-the-rest-of-your-life-with-me” personality.  You know what I’m talking about, right?  No?  Really?  I must have furniture issues…

So, anyway, I went shopping around the world our small town and found a few chairs that were worth thinking about. But the furniture stores apparently didn’t want to part with them.  They were asking $800 for EACH.  No thank you very much.

I decided to try my hand at Craig’s List.  I was slightly scared to death that I was going to meet my Maker if I ever purchased something off of this list, but decided to give it a shot.  I spied some really ugly interesting chairs.  They were asking $120 for the PAIR!!  Woohoo!  I mean, these chairs are just what I had in mind.  But Mr. Creativity on the other hand…that is a different story.

Here is a pic I spied on Craig’s list just today of the same exact chairs for sale ($39 each).  Ours were a little uglier because the fabric was a 1970’s gold velvet.  Yessss.  I also saw these chairs on an episode of HGTV’s Design Star a while back.  It was in a challenge where the contestants had to take an apartment filled with UGLY FURNITURE and make it beautiful.  I was laughing hysterically!!

image 1


When the seller delivered the twins to us (for free!!) we just put them in the garage.  …Ridiculously good idea.  The next morning when we walked out to get in the car, the aroma of dog/smoke/sweat/who-knows-what filled the air.  Mr. Creativity was a little more than concerned.  ha

No worries!  I took them to my upholsterer and had him remove every bit of foam and fabric.  After I got them back home, I scrubbed the wood clean and painted it with 3 layers of colors.  Cream, red and black.  I wanted to have lots of distressing on the wood and wanted to show layers of colors.  So I took a piece of sandpaper and scraped off areas here and there until I liked the look.  The whole process took me about 2 afternoons.  Not too bad I would say.

Then I decided to take my good friends Kala and Denise shopping with me to pick out fabrics (yes, multiple fabrics) for these lovely ladies.  My upholsterer thought I had lost my mind when I brought in all of my fabrics and a MAP OF FABRIC LAYOUT for him!!!  But I had a vision in my head and I knew there was a lot of room for error.  Seriously, I have a control issue on these types of things.

Anyhoo, I think they turned out nicely.  It’s fun to sit in this previously unused room and chat with friends while drinking coffee.

I don’t know why the back fabric shows a dark line in this picture, it is just a solid fabric with a velvet texture.

Notice that the lumbar pillow is reversible with animal print on one side and the red velvet on the other.  Just something to keep it lively!


So here is where it got crazy to me… I was at my parent’s house this summer and noticed a polaroid picture of my grandparents.  In this picture my Papaw was sitting in THIS EXACT CHAIR!  No kidding!!!!!  How had I never noticed that my twin chairs were exactly like a chair that my Mamaw and Papaw had in their formal living room.  Same gold velvet and all.  Now these twins are even more special to me.


Have any crazy make-over stories you would like to share?  I would love to hear them!

Grace and Peace




6 Responses to The Story of the Twins

  1. Kala says:

    I can attest to the dreaded “before” chairs and the joys of drinking coffee in the lovely new ones!!! 🙂

  2. Laurel Sewell says:

    Yes, I have a crazy makeover story! My daughter came home for Christmas with a head full of ideas for redecorating my kitchen and bathroom. Did I say redecorating? It was more like renovation! Then she goes back to sit in one of her cozy twin chairs drinking coffee while my carpenters and I tear out the bathroom walls, install a new sink, paint the claw-foot tub bird’s egg blue, paint the walls and the kitchen lighter shades of the same. Then we installed new countertops, a gas range and a butcher block island (black walnut, at her insistence), and put four black rockers on the front porch, and new black window shutters. (Well, the shutters were my idea!)
    But it all looks great!
    Next time you come home with new ideas, bring a paintbrush too!
    Love you, Mom

  3. fabi/fabu says:

    they look amazing, what a creative mind. and also love the fabric combo.

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