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We have lived in this house for a little over 10 years now.  Since we moved in we have had a baby (he turns 10 on Saturday), lost a dog, gained a dog, have a teenager, have an almost-teenager and we have completed a few makeovers in our home.  Maybe more than a few. Maybe a lot more than a few.

mini office makeover after

This office space is our latest accomplishment.  It has no natural light, very few square feet to call it’s own, and seems to acquire a lot of junk.  This area was never really considered an asset.

It was more like a black eye.

And then in walked Amy Howard at Home products.

Chalk paint, pallet wood (for the shiplap), Better With Age (to make the shiplap look old and a few other products.

Here is the before of this office, just glance at it.  Don’t stare.  That would be considered rude.

The back wall was covered with cork at one point and we pulled it down to get ready for this little makeover.  But you can still see the tape that held the cork squares up.

office makeover before

First, the cabinets got a fresh coat of Amy’s One Step paint.  This paint has a matte finish and doesn’t even need to be sealed.  It went on smoothly and dried very quickly. This color is called Rugo, it’s a medium blue with a hint of green.

I also painted the desk top with One Step paint in black because I just couldn’t handle the dark brown countertops any longer. This paint is durable on it’s own, but I added a top coat for a little more protection.

The hardware needed to be updated and I love the pieces that I found so I’m including a link for the knobs and pulls if you are interested.

office makeover

My favorite part is the shiplap wall.  Do you remember the video we made a while back? We used that wood for this project.  Putting the wall up took us all of 20 minutes. The shiplap wall was definitely worth the effort in my opinion.

office makeover

I love all of the rustic details in this tiny space which really brings this space to life.

office makeover

office makeover

The Tennessee Flag was a gift that I gave Mr. Creativity a while back.  The music sheets that are framed are of a jingle that he wrote for a commercial.

He won an award for it.

I think he’s pretty cooloffice makeoveroffice makeoverSo there you have a very mini makeover for a very mini office! It was painless and leaves a great impact.  I think even the 10 year old was impressed by it. Whew!

Do you have a small space that could use a big wow? I highly recommend Amy Howard at Home products. Let me know if you have questions about any of these steps.  

4 Responses to Mini Office Mini Makeover

  1. Barbara Trinh says:

    looks amazing! You rock!!! Can you come make over my whole house please?!? Or just meet me at the beach and we’ll talk about it! 🙂

  2. Carol Lander says:

    Love the office make-over, Holly. I’m getting ready to use the Pallett in a Box from Amy Howard for the backsplash in our laundry room. I hope it looks as good as yours does.

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