Okay, so here is a little confession of mine….I don’t care about how my mailbox looks.

I know, I know.

Y’all are all gasping with an expression of shock and awe.  Simmer down.

Here is my poor pitiful mailbox before

…I really don’t see the big deal, it’s semi-black

…in most places

MM Mailbox 2MM mailbox 4MM mailbox 1ugly old mailbox













Now before you get all judgy on me, just realize that it WOULD STILL HOLD MAIL!  No, I could’t alert the mailman that there was mail to send out…but whatever.

The HOA in our neighborhood decided that everyone needed to work on their mailboxes and for some reason they thought I should be grouped in with everyone.  They sent out a pleasant letter that stated we had a choice (thank you oh so much…) of either repainting our mailboxes and replacing the numbers–which they didn’t tell us where to get said numbers, or replacing the entire mailbox.  Oh did I mention that would only be $450.  Nothankyouverymuch.

MM mailbox makeover

Lowe’s carries everything that I would need to take care of the painting job and the replacement flag.  And it was under $10!

I started by scraping off the chunks of flaking old paint with a razor blade.  Then I rubbed the whole thing down with steel wool.  Next I spray painted.

15 minutes of work.

MM mailbox 7

McCall Manor Mailbox Makeover

The flag was easy to install–word to the wise: don’t lose the screw that held on your old flag.

McCall Manor Mailbox Makeover

**I am hiding our street address number so that you won’t come snatch my beautiful mailbox**

The tricky part came with the numbers.  I found out that we could order the numbers from a company in town and it would cost me $25.  But I had some gold vinyl that came from a sign shop.  I don’t think that the vinyl that is sold in JoAnn’s or Michael’s would hold up to the high heat, but the commercial vinyl will.

But I still didn’t know the font name.  So I snapped a picture of the old numbers and sent them to our friend Matt.  He is an art director and I figured he would be able to distinguish it.

Turns out, there is an app for that!  It’s called ‘What the Font’, of course!

McCall Manor Mailbox Makeover

Once I knew the font name, I just cut the numbers with my silhouette machine and applied them to my (dry) mailbox.

I might just start a little side business and take care of the neighborhood.

What do you think?  Is your mailbox in need of a little spray-paint therapy?



4 Responses to Mailbox Makeover

  1. Kala Duncan says:

    Love the makeover! Mine needs some attention too 🙁

  2. Nancherrow says:

    Makes a huge difference to have it gussied up and shining like new!


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