My son, whom I refer to as Buster, was mortified (and letting me know it) while helping me load this trunk in the back of our truck. You see, the gene for not caring what onlookers think about you whilst loading someone’s trash into your vehicle must have passed him by. That gene is dominant in me. It is in no way recessive.  If that gene were say, the redhead gene, I would be Ariel.  If it were the tall gene, I would be Goliath.

antique trunk before

You feel me? I can take stuff out of the garbage of anyone’s house and not feel the least bit ashamed.  So passing by this gorgeous piece of trash was not even a thought in my head.

Poor Buster.  He doesn’t stand a chance.

antique trunk before

This sad little forgotten trunk needed to be brought into this century though.  I imagine it spent it’s previous life on a steamer ship crossing the Atlantic or on a covered wagon charging for the gold rush.  Today, in it’s retirement, it will be basking in the living room holding extra pillows and throw blankets.

antique trunk before

To add a little modern flair to this piece, I added a fabric ‘slipcover’ to the inside.  This just gives it a little pop of attitude every time you open it.  The outside was painted with milk paint and I’ll discuss that with you a little later (I was super impressed).

antique trunk after

This large buffalo check fabric is from the most fabulous fabric place in the world (in my humble opinion).  Spoonflower has great fabric.  Yes, but so do other places Holly (this is what you are thinking…). Sure, but do other places let you send in your own design? Nope.  Just Spoonflower.

antique trunk after

You can literally send them your high school senior drape picture in and they could print it on fabric and you could make a quilt for your family with it.

Just a thought. Christmas is just around the corner…

antique trunk after

Since I am selling this piece, I figured that the fabric should be a little less–shall we say–fabulous. 😉

The slipcover is removable and washable, so when the kids bring in red kool-aid that you don’t allow in your house and spill it, you can make it look good as new.

This project has me all jazzed to go looking on trash day again.  Poor Buster, he will probably never recover.


This trunk makeover is part of the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest along with other wonderful bloggers that have the ‘digging through trash’ gene. If you are a blogger and would love to join in the fun, send an email to


If you would like to see other entries in the contest, head over to Carrie’s blog or Colleen’s blog to see what they did.

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11 Responses to Modern Flair for a Not-So-Modern-Trunk

  1. Jan lira says:

    I love it!! ❤️

  2. What a fabulous makeover. I like how you added the modern touch with the buffalo check and that it is removable. Anyone would love to have the trunk.

  3. I just love this trunk! The buffalo check is awesome!! I, like you, embarrass my children to no end with my trash picking gene! I have almost given my daughter whiplash slamming on the brakes when I see a piece!

    • hollymcc says:

      We should hang out. Maybe while our children are speaking with a psychiatrist about us we could go dumpster dive. 😉

  4. Sue at Blu says:

    What a great idea to use fabric lining in this trunk! It really dresses it up. And poor Buster! I feel your pain as a furniture resuscitator! I have 5 Busters, and if you count my hubby, he counts as 2 more!

  5. Kala says:


  6. What a lovely transformation! You’re a feature tomorrow at Welcome Home Wednesdays! Congrats! See you at the party tomorrow morning.

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