I love our little school.  All three of my kids have gone there. This school has priorities that align with our family’s. It has some of the most caring teachers and families associated with it.

And it is 3 minutes from my driveway to the parking lot (a product of Divine intervention in my opinion).

So when the principal asks you to be on the gala committee to head up the decorating of said gala, you say yes!

You say YES even when you’ve been working on saying No since forever.  You say YES even though you’re not sure how to decorate for an Italian-themed event.  You just say Yes and figure it out later.

Cue the bowl of lemons.

bowl full of lemons

Thankfully, Italian decor can go many different directions. So I picked the direction that worked best for the decorating team’s stash of items.  Citrus fruits are pretty easy to come by here in the Sunshine State, so we decided on lemons and oranges along with various other items for our centerpieces.  I’ll get some pictures edited this week and show you how it turned out.

But in the meantime, after the gala there was literally a garbage sack full of lemons that had nowhere to go.  Several teachers got some to take home, other team members took home a few and then I toted home a garbage bag that had about 40-50 lemons. I don’t even have a recipe for lemon pound cake! What am I going to do with all of these lemons!!!

My mom and dad were down for a visit right after the gala, so mom and I started brainstorming. We decided to juice and zest as many as we could before we lost interest in the project.  Then we poured the juice into muffin tins to freeze.  In the mini-muffin pans we could fit 1 tablespoon of juice mixed with 1 tsp of zest.   In the regular muffin pans we could fit 1/4 cup of juice.

Once frozen, just pop them out of your muffin tins and into a zip-loc bag and back into the freezer. They will be ready and measured out when you have a recipe that calls for lemon juice. Pretty handy, no?



homemade lemonade

Mom made a batch of fresh squeezed lemonade for all of us to enjoy using some of the juice. That’s the kind of mother she is. 🙂

I’m not sure which I enjoyed the most, drinking it or photographing it. But either way, I think you would enjoy getting the recipe for yourself.  It’s quite (ahem) difficult.

homemade lemonade

2 cups sugar (dissolved in one cup boiling water)
2 cups lemon juice
1 gallon of water

Think you can handle that?

homemade lemonade

Bruiser took a sip of it and said “kinda sour, but I’ll drink it.” Then he proceeded to drink 3 more cups and asked for it at supper and breakfast the next morning. I had to draw the line at breakfast.

homemade lemonade

homemade lemonade

My extremely talented mother has taken up watercolors lately.  She is much better at it than she realizes and I thought you all would enjoy a little goody from her.

She painted this sweet little lemon branch while I was photographing the lemons and I decided to make a printable of it.

Cut it down to the size of a recipe card when printed, then write the recipe on the back side of it and enjoy all summer long.


Enjoy those lemons y’all!

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