When I was little my family took a trip to California.  In a station wagon.

With faux-wood siding.

It was just like the Brady family.  Except for the fact that it wasn’t over in 30 minutes. And we didn’t get in trouble in an old ghost town.

MM Candy House 4

 I thought our trip was for us to go and see part the country that we hadn’t seen before.  Which it was.

But what we didn’t see at the time was that this trip was also about family bonding.  If we had known that, it would have been harder to get us into the car.

Why is that?

MM Candy House 3

Family bonding sounds like work.  It sounds like something only a trained therapist can help you understand.  It sounds like something you would need to have special t-shirts printed for so you could commemorate that you had BONDED.

It sounds forced.

But piled into a station wagon with a cooler in the back for snacks and a tent as our shelter seemed like an adventure.  There was no force involved.

MM Candy House 5

All we remember is the laughter, millions of punch buggies, watermelon juice in Mexico and seeing the Grand Canyon (I was 12 at the time and proclaimed it a giant ditch and was ready to go in less than 5 minutes…ugh Holly, really?)

MM Candy house 1

This advent calendar is proving to be as helpful as that cross-country trip.

We had hot cocoa by candlelight the first night (the kids all named that as their favorite part of the day).

The second night we roasted marshmallows over a camp fire.

And December 3 was the day of the candy house.

The pretty girl was the ‘exterior designer’ for this project and helped the younger ones (plus our sweet little friend K joined in with us).  They did a fabulous job in my opinion.

It does a mom’s heart good to see her children working together and hearing them bond over silly things (like using green skittles for ‘shrubs’).

MM Candy House 2

 We aren’t perfect, but we are working everyday to be the kind of family that could ride in a station wagon for days on end and still love each other.


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2 Responses to Advent Calendar Day 3 {The Candy House}

  1. Stephanie Trenaman says:

    Hey Holly–ok, I’m totally commenting (not like me!) I love the cute Christmas ideas and such, but what got me was the Grand Canyon thing!—THANK YOU so much for sharing that part. We just took our kids (Mason Lee 14, almost 15 and Madison 12!!) to the Grand Canyon over Thanksgiving because my parents live in AZ. They TOO were standing there like,….good, ok….let’s go! Really mom…it’s…dirt…and some clouds. They were done and we still had another day of it since we stayed the night “on the rim”. Mason and I work so hard at family vacations, family dinners and family time and most of the time they seem like….yeah…ok…good, now what,.. next!. When you shared that I thought, see…here’s Holly, a Godly woman raising Godly kids who was a 12 yr old who stood at the Grand Canyon and declared it a ditch—THERE IS HOPE FOR MY KIDS!!….They one day will get it, Holly and her husband certainly got it/get it! Thanks! We miss you here in Louisville!-stephanie

    • hollymcc says:

      Oh Stephanie! It’s so very good to hear from you! Can’t believe your little ones are so grown (I remember when Madison just HAD to wear her nightgown to school-hehe) Thank you for commenting on here, I love to hear how this reaches other people.Love ya!

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