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I have recently changed out the sofas in my family room.  The red ones had to go. Now we have white sofas. Apparently I needed a fresh new place for my kids dirty feet to hang out.

But with this season change the real reason that I wanted to change out the sofas emerges. I want to be able to change the look of the room with throw pillows.  That way when it’s fall, I can go with an appropriate color palette. Same with Christmas, president’s day, groundhog day…you get it?

I knew you would, that’s why you rock.

So on my quest to have fun pillows to change out each holiday season, I wanted a pumpkin pillow.  Because pumpkin pillows should be a thing.

appliqued pumpkin pillow

This was a seriously easy project. So easy a child could do it.  If you can cut fabric, you can make this. Well, you have to be able to apply glue too, but most everyone above kindergarten has mastered that skill.

This pillow cover came from a craft store. I’ve seen similar styles in Pottery Barn for $40, much more than $9.99, and I even had a 40% off coupon.

<Insert a vision of me dance walking down the aisle>.

applique pumpkin pillow

Finding a pattern for a pumpkin in the time frame that I had (10 minutes) wasn’t possible, so I decided to make my own.

To draw a pumpkin, I just started with an oval in the center of my paper and drew the crescent shapes on either side until it looked like a pumpkin. My stem looks more like a flimsy excuse for a cornucopia, but it will do. Make sure your pumpkin is large enough to make a statement on your pillow.  I drew mine on a sheet of 12×12 cardstock so that I could make it big.

applique pumpkin pillow

Cut the pieces of the pumpkin out.  Wherever there is a line, you cut. Notice the end of my stem even has a little piece that has been separated.

applique pumpkin pillow

You can either pin your pattern pieces to your fabric, or you could trace around it with a pencil.  Then cut with fabric scissors.

applique pumpkin pillow

Now, I found a glue that promises that you can wash it once it has set for at lease 30 minutes…but I’ll be the judge of that.

fabric glue

When applying the glue, I just rubbed it on with my finger. I didn’t go all the way to the edges because I wanted the edges to fray a little.

Because a frayed edge is the prettiest edge, amiright?

fabric glue application

To finish it off, I added a little curly jute twine as a dried leaf stem. It adds just a little more texture.

applique pumpkin pillow

applique pumpkin pillow

applique pumpkin pillow

applique pumpkin pillow

appliqued pumpkin pillow

This little pumpkin pillow is what’s what right now. I’m thinking in a couple of months there may just be a Christmas tree pillow that will be all the rage. 😉

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18 Responses to Pumpkin Pillows Should Be a Thing

  1. Stacey says:

    I love this! Love that it is fabric and not paint. How cool!

  2. Oh so cute!! I need to make me one. Guess a trip to the craft store is in order.

  3. Miss Holly, your pillow is so cute. Love how easy the project is. You did a great job, my friend. Show us your new white sofas!

  4. Terry says:

    At first look I thought you’d had stenciled the cute little pumpkin but so glad I read on to discover those little frayed edges that I love so much. Thanks for sharing.

    • hollymcc says:

      I love the extra texture that it gives having the edges frayed. Glad you had a happy surprise! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Very cute pillow! I hope you’ll share it at The Crafty Corner link party this week. Have a good day 🙂

    • hollymcc says:

      Thanks for stopping by, I just ran over and linked up! Congrats on the new party, you’re off to a great start!!

  6. I love this pillow idea. Thanks for sharing with us all! Have a great weekend!

  7. Arianne says:

    You are so talented! Good job! Thanks for adding this to SEASONAL BLOG HOP JOY!

  8. This is an excellent idea to get into the Fall Spirit the cute and easy way. I like how you used the neutral colors. It is so pretty.

  9. Sabrina says:

    I love your pumpkin pillow Kati, it looks so cute! What a fun and simple diy. Exactly how I love them!!

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