Well the time that I have dreaded for approximately 12 years has finally arrived.  And boy, has it arrived. So much so that it feels like I’ve been sucker punched. You know that deep heartbreaking stuff that makes you tear up at coffee commercials, local news reports and when your favorite yoga pants are still damp after they’ve been hanging to dry for 8 hours? Yeah, you feel the depth of my despair (thank you Anne of Green Gables for that phrase).

Buster (my tween boy) has asked for all of the Buzz Lightyear stuff to be taken out of his room. POW! Right in the kisser.

This is the child who for 5 years or more was NEVER without a Buzz in at least one hand.  Usually one in each hand. He was known for it. I have friends from our Kentucky days that will still ask if he is into Buzz. And I’ve recently had to reply (usually with a sad wailing voice) “No”.

Why do our kids have to grow up and decide that their favorite toy is no longer cool? Why can’t an almost teenager think it’s awesome to have a bigger-than-life-size Buzz sketched on his wall? Or a collection of Buzz toys larger than any of us can count? Or a bed quilt that has the solar system appliqued onto it? It’s like a real-life Toy Story happening in our home!

He asked for his room to be redone as one of his Christmas gifts. What kid asks for that? He must really be ready for that room to change. <heavy sigh>

So with all of the enthusiasm I could muster, I started gathering ideas.  We discussed the idea of not having a theme. They tend to grow out of those and break their mother’s heart, as I have learned. This way, the room can grow into his next phase of life–teenage manchild.

We settled on a ‘look’ instead. The look we are going for is a vintage industrial look.  Metals, wood, faded, quirky, rusty and crusty.

Tween Boy Bedroom Makeover

For Christmas I worked up a design sheet with ideas of the look we were going for and printed it out for him.  You would have thought we gave him a Playstation VR game or something.  He was so excited seeing everything on the sheet.  I will have to say, that made me one proud momma. Listening to him dissect each item on the page.  It felt like a major win for this tween boy mom.

We will begin next week working on changing everything over, but I wanted to share the page I made for Buster so you could have a look for yourself.

How have you all felt when your child enters a new phase and is seeming much more grown up? Have you felt that sucker punch? Does this get easier? Please say yes.

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  1. Mrs Mike says:

    It’s so hard when they decide to grow up! I’m going through the same thing with my youngest. Great design on this1

  2. That’s so hard! But it looks like you put together an amazing room makeover for him. Thanks for sharing!

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