Some of you have a fear of  putting nail holes in your walls and I respect that. When your movers take down your pictures they will only see one nail per picture. That is precious.

hanging a group of frames

But those of us that aren’t afraid could have upwards of 3 or 4 nail holes per picture.  Sometimes more if the arrangement of pictures has changed over time. And guess what? Those of us like this, we sleep well at night.  We are upstanding members of society.  We don’t kick puppies.

So don’t judge us.

But I will say that I have a learned a few tricks that will save our walls from extra piercings (and me from further judgement).

While working on the tween boy room in our home, I decided to try the method that would put the least amount of holes in the freshly painted walls.

Guess what? It worked.  There are 4 frames and only 4 holes in the wall.

This must be what it feels like to win the Olympics.

So I thought you guys would want to see how that unnatural phenomenon happened. Follow along closely, because this is VERY technical.

You will need: newspaper, tape and a pen.

For each frame, trace around it on newspaper then cut it out.

hanging frame group

Then poke a hole in the newspaper where the hanger is located.

hanging frame group After that you simply tape the pieces newspaper on the wall in the formation that you are wanting.  The nail goes where you poked a hole for the hanger.

hanging frame group

I’m sure they have a ‘made for TV’ item that will do all of this for you, but newspaper and tape are much cheaper.

hanging frame group

I’m in the middle of filling all of my frames and I can’t wait to show you how they turned out (I can’t wait to see it myself).

Have you ever tried this method? Do you have a different way of doing this? I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Great Idea. I usually use a level and a pencil, but sometimes that doesn’t quite work. Newspaper, here I come.

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