While I was dressing up the house for Christmas it became painfully obvious that I decorate with red.  Lots of red.  So much so that I’m afraid to let friends with dye allergies come inside the house.

MM no-sew poinsettia pillow 2 label

This little project was not going to have a smidge of red even if it killed me.  Although you could use red felt on a cream colored background–just don’t tell me if you make one because I might cry a little.

To make this super-fast no-sew throw pillow you need

1. Felt

2. Hot glue gun

3.  Pillow insert

4. Scissors

5.  10 minutes

MM Poinsettia pillow 2

Cut your felt 4-5 inches larger than your pillow measurements.  Mine was a 14″ square pillow so I cut my felt into 19″ squares.

MM Poinsettia Pillow 3

I drew a line 2.5″ from the edge all the way around on one piece of the felt and then followed that line one side at a time with hot glue.  I did one edge at a time so that the glue wouldn’t cool before I got the second piece of felt placed.

After doing that on 3 sides, stuff your pillow form in and close with hot glue.

MM Poinsettia Pillow 4

Now, from here you can add your design.

I chose a poinsettia, but you could go in any direction.

I cut mine with my Silhouette (shocker) and just hot glued it in place.

MM no-sew Poinsettia Pillow

MM no-sew poinsettia pillow 3

MM no-sew poinsettia pillow 2

There you have it.  A no-sew pillow to help you brighten (or tone down) your holiday decor.

What do you think?

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4 Responses to No-Sew Poinsettia Pillow

  1. Laurel Sewell says:

    Love it! So classy!

  2. Tiffany says:

    Beautiful!! Sharing on Twitter!

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