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I can’t wait to share this fun wreath project with you, but first things first. How are you? You doin’ okay? I truly hope so.

I hope you had a great weekend. Weekends can go just right or miserably wrong can’t they? I ALMOST had a miserably wrong weekend (blue lights flashing in my rearview) but it turned out fine–thank you officer Harrison. Don’t you love speed limits that are lower than your car idles? Yeah, me too.

After my brush with the law, we were busy.  But not the tedious kind of busy.  It was a weekend of knock-out-the-punch-list-that-has-been-driving-you-crazy kind of busy. Those are so refreshing. 

Magnolia Wreath

Enough of that.  Here is the real reason you are here. 

I absolutely adore just about anything that JoAnna Gaines does (except for that round blue rug in the breakfast nook this season) and her magnolia wreath was something I had been eyeing.  But with a price tag of $95 each, I knew my front doors would never get that chance.


I was walking through JoAnn’s a few weeks back and noticed a garland of magnoila leaves.  They were 30% off so I passed, thinking that I would come back armed with a 40% coupon after these came back to full price–with a grin on my face.  Only, they were gone and didn’t return. whomp whomp.

Then last week, they magically appeared and were again 30% off.  Well I learned my lesson and snatched them up and held them close like they were the last piece of a birthday cake.  Now, you understand, don’t you…

Magnolia Wreath

The leaves are a thick rubbery plastic material and are all wired.  So they will withstand the elements outside and I can manipulate them to form a circle.

Magnolia Wreath

I used one of my 37 rolls of floral wire (seriously, why do I buy a new one every time I need wire?).  This is a small gauge wire and is easy enough to cut with wire snips.  Please for the love of all things crafty, don’t use your fabric scissors.  Oh my stars.

Magnolia Wreath

I cut 3 lengths of wire. Obviously I didn’t measure.

Magnolia Wreath

Then secured the ends of the garland together where the leaves would meet up. 

Magnolia Wreath

I’m pretty impressed with this beauty. 

Magnolia Wreath

The leaves look so real, even the veins are there.  Way to go JoAnn’s.

Magnolia Wreath

Since I have glass inserts in my doors, I hung these up with suction cup hangers.  These seem to hold on better than anything else I have tried.  We get full on western exposure, so these doors really heat up and the command strips just couldn’t handle the temps. 

Magnolia Wreath

There you have it!

I hope you try these out for yourself.

But drive slowly on your way to the craft store…

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3 Responses to DIY Magnolia Wreath

  1. christy says:

    love love love! i am so making one of these. thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Carol Lander says:

    Great job Holly. Love the creativity. I bet the wreaths didn’t cost $10 each. Yippee. And just as pretty as JAG (I just made up those initials for you know who.) I missed the blue rug. Will have to check that out.

  3. Cindy says:

    These are so pretty, Holly:) Good thinkin’ on taking the garland apart! I wish your advice for speeding would’ve come just a little sooner…lol! I got a speeding ticket a couple months ago, and tried to explain to the officer that I don’t live in the area and didn’t see any speed sign…apparently he wasn’t to excited about what I had to say because my ticket was $140.00!!! When I went to the court house to pay the ticket, I told them, “don’t spend it all in one place.” They probably didn’t think that was funny either, but it made me feel better! 😀 Glad you didn’t get a ticket!

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