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Back in July I was able to attend a conference for home/DIY bloggers called Haven.  My boys called it bloggercon.  They asked which famous bloggers would be there (I’m pretty sure they envisioned people in costumes standing in line for autographs).


Sadly, there were very few costumes–apart from the men at the Rheem booth dressed as greek gods and the men at the La-Z-Boy booth dressed in suits made from upholstery material.

My boys would have been so disappointed.


I was able to attend classes and meet up with vendors that were in the home/DIY field.  It was so much fun.  At one of the classes, I sat next to a lady with EBTH on her name tag.  I figured it was an exotic name from latin decent (Like Ybor–from the Tampa area).

Thankfully, I didn’t call her that.

Her name was Sarah.


Sarah worked for Everything But the House, an online estate sale.  They actually had an estate sale set up at the event.  We were able to bid online and follow our bids up until the very end.  I decided to give it a try.

I found some great chairs–didn’t win.

I found some silver pots–didn’t win.

I found more awesome chairs that I REALLY REALLY wanted–didn’t win.

Then I found some maps. Hmmmm, this could be interesting.  The colors would work in my guest room.  I need something on the walls of my guest room.

(In my most valiant voice) I SHALL WIN THESE FOR MY GUEST ROOM!

And I did.

For $19.


I decided to hang them in them like old school maps.  Plus it was much cheaper/faster than finding frames to fit them.  Who doesn’t love that?

To give the edges stability, I added washi tape.  Then it was just a matter of stapling my stained dowel rods to the map.  I actually did that on my dining room table. #livingontheedge.


In summary:  1) Haven isn’t anything like Comicon 2) I’m thankful that I didn’t call Sarah ‘EBTH’ and 3) fast, inexpensive wall art can sometimes be the best art.


Do you have any art in your house that was super fast and easy?  Would you have called her ‘EBTH’ (In my head it was pronounced E-Beth)?

Please tell me I’m not alone…

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5 Responses to Maps, Bloggercon and Difficult Names

  1. I love Haven being called Bloggercon – so true! I loved it! I know Sarah from EBTH too – great find! Love EBTH (now I’m going to call it E-Beth…).

  2. Lisa B. says:

    Holly, this is a really neat décor option for those maps! I like that you were able to get these and make them unique for you and your home. Thank you so much for sharing and linking up with us over at the Welcome Home Wednesdays Link Party!

  3. I’m so jealous that you went to Haven…it always seems like so much fun. Also, I LOVE what you did with those maps! They really go with the room. Thanks for sharing on the Welcome Home Wednesday Link party! We really hope to see you again tomorrow at 7 CST!

  4. Lisa B. says:

    Good Morning Holly!! Just popping in to let you know your post has been picked as a feature at the Welcome Home Wednesday Link Party! Stop by this morning to see your feature and link up! Don’t forget to grab your “Featured Button” too!

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