If your kids are not out of school yet, this post is for you. You awesome mom that is still trying to figure out end-of-year gift for her kid’s teachers.  You beautiful mom that is still getting up to make breakfast and pack lunches.  You patient mom that is still encouraging kids to keep reading and doing homework.  You precious mom that is still getting kids to go to bed even when the sun is still visible. Bless your hearts.  You deserve to be promoted.  You deserve the trophy on awards day.  You rock.

If your kids are already out of school, I have nothing further to say to you.

MM Dollar Store Gift Tags Label 2

Can you tell which category I am in?  Yes, we have 4.5 days.  Yes, I want that trophy.

So here is a fun little project that is sure to make you look like you have it all together.  People will say “how do you find the time to make gift tags?” or “You must have more hours in you day than I have in mine”.  Or they might even say “You know they make gift tags that you can just WRITE the name on”.

You can just shrug your shoulders, smile and think of the 5 minutes you spent on this project.

MM Dollar Store Gift Tags 1

These gift tags were in the Dollar Spot at Target and I just couldn’t pass them up.  I figured that they could be used any time of the year.  (anyone related to me, you’ll get yours at Christmas)

MM Dollar Store Gift Tags 2

I have used this set of metal stamps before when I made the coin necklace.  I borrow this stamp set from my neighbor each time I have a little project.  One of these days I’ll buy my own, but as long as she doesn’t mind…

If your neighbor doesn’t have a set (or is unwilling to share) you can get a set at craft stores or online.

MM Dollar Store Gift Tags 7

Gently tap the letters onto the tag.  Then take chalk ink and fill in each letter.  Just wipe the excess away and the ink will stay down in the punched letter.

MM Dollar Store Gift Tags 8

MM Dollar Store Gift Tags 9

MM Dollar Store Gift Tags 3

MM Dollar Store Gift Tags 4

MM Dollar Store Gift Tags 5

MM Dollar Store Gift Tags 6

See, how easy??

Hang in there mom.  You got this.  You can make it to the end.  Finish strong.  Remember, your reward at the end is 3 months of kids being home every single day…wait, what?


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The other day I was be-bopping my way to drop the kids at school and noticed a neighbor had thrown out a perfectly good (but ugly) bookcase. My kids rolled their eyes as I pulled over quickly and hopped out to snag it.

MM bookcase rescue Label

There were actually 2 bookshelves in the pile of trash, but one was pressed wood with a laminate veneer.  It was not worth saving in my opinion.  But this little shelf had a sweet personality that was hiding behind an orange stain color.

MM Bookshelf Rescue 4

No one really enjoys orange stain.  People, let’s not make this mistake in the future.  It only leads to landfill overcrowding.

And deep, deep regret.

MM Bookshelf Rescue 7

The first step for this makeover was to sand it down slightly just to clean off the dirt and smooth some of the roughness away.  Since I was using chalk paint I didn’t do a thorough job of sanding, that’s my favorite reason for using this medium.

There was a laminate piece that was heavily glued to the top.

MM Bookshelf Rescue 6

Using a hammer and a putty knife I was able to pry it off in one piece.

MM Bookshelf Rescue 5

Yes, my thumb is double jointed.  Don’t hate.

MM Bookshelf rescue 3

I added feet by drilling holes into the bottom of the bookcase.  These came from Lowe’s and are just the perfect size for this piece.

MM Bookcase rescue 2

The body of the bookcase is painted with white and the back of it is painted with a turquoise to go with the pretty girl’s room.  I was planning on this being hers, but she has her own opinion about what goes in her lair…teenagers…

MM bookshelf rescue 1

So I will be selling this.  Since I only have $22 invested in this makeover, I think it will be fairly easy to find a new home for this cutie.

Maybe I’ll see if my neighbor wants to buy it back!


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Remember back in JANUARY when I made a check list for redecorating my master bedroom?

Well, It is FINISHED!

MM Master Bedroom Label

I think I might just be the slowest home decorator on the face of the planet.  But somehow I got it finished and there were no tears of anguish like when I did the kitchen chairs refinishing project.  I don’t think my psyche could have could have handled that.

Here is what it looked like before:

MM Master Bedromm Before 1

MM 3 drawer chest before

MM Master Bedroom Before 2

Thank you 2007 for your aqua and brown combo, you can have it back now. We are all finished with the ‘I’m so fancy that I can even pull off dressing up the color aqua’ look.  I am sure we will try it again in another 20 years when our children have forgotten your horrors and tell us it really can work. #notfallingforit

Anyhoooo, back to our regularly scheduled programming…

I have already shared some of my makeovers with you, so we will do a recap.

The milk paint dresser makeover:

MM Milk Piant Dresser 8

The spray lacquer bench makeover:

MM Amy Howard Bench Makeover

The one-step paint chest makeover:

MM Amy Howard ombre chest 3The ship lap wall:

MM ship lap

My favorite change after the shiplap wall (because it doesn’t get any more fabulous than shiplap – amiright?) is the headboard cover.

MM Master Bedroom 3

Mom and I made the linen covers and my neighbor embroidered the monogram for me.  She does a fabulous job. If you need something embroidered, you can reach her here.

MM Master Bedroom 1

By the way, she also embroidered the bolster cover that I made.  I took 2 years of high-school french and I can tell you with 98% certainty that it says ‘good night’.  Some where Miss Weems is smiling and remembering the joys of teaching kids from Alabama to speak proper French.

Good times, good times.

MM Master Bedroom 8

The decorative wood piece above the bed is actually a piece from the armoire in our living room.  Before you start hyperventilating, it is not damaged in any way.  This piece just sat on top of the armoire and was held in place by matching up pegs with holes.  I have never attached it to the armoire because I like it’s simplicity without this piece.  But I love it by itself, so this seemed like the perfect spot.

Master Bedroom 6

Isn’t it gorgeous?  The carved details are imperfect since it was done by hand.  Swoon.

MM Mater Bedroom

See the coverlet at the foot of the bed?  You can blame this whole makeover on that one item.  I found it at a yard sale for $15 and knew it had to be used in the MBR.  So it sat in my closet for 9 months.

See I told you that I was the slowest in the world.

Okay, so I will just leave you with some other photos of the room.  It was clean and my memory card was empty, so you get to see lots of pics.  This is the way the world works people.

MM Master Bedroom 14

MM Master Bedroom 13

MM Master Bedroom 12

MM Master Bedroom 11

MM Master Bedroom 10

MM Master Bedroom 9

MM Master Bedroom 7

Well that’s all of it.  If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you!!


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Remember my farmhouse kitchen table that got a makeover? Well it took me approximately the length of one Fixer Upper episode to complete.

Easy Peasy.

Start and finish in one day.

Decide to paint the table and be finished before the sun goes down.

Do you get the idea?

MM Kitchen Table 6

Well, on the other side of that…these chairs just about did me in.

MM Kitchen Chair 1

I got these from Disney’s resale/closeout store.  They were $10 each and extremely sturdy.  The shape of the chairs had me at hello.  The color was, well, offensive to say the least.  Orange-yellow does not work with my color scheme.

There was also the fact that they had an odor that I couldn’t handle.  The morning after Mr. Creativity put them in the garage I walked out to the pungent aroma of

-wait for it-


Not the most enjoyable smell at 7am.

MM Kitchen chairs

Yep, Captain Jack’s restaurant at Downtown Disney was the first home of these gorgeous, orange, smelly chairs.  If you have eaten there and ordered hushpuppies, you would have been charged with being an accomplice to murder if I had perished.

I used Citri-Strip as my stripping agent <insert very un-classy joke about stripping in my garage–I’ve heard them all and I am unimpressed>

My original plan included me making a video on how to strip furniture.  HAHAHAHAHA  I obviously didn’t realize that this was going to span more than a month of back breaking, agonizing, torture where my personality had a slight shift in the wrong direction multiple times a day.

MM Kitchen Chairs 6

But, oh how I love them now.

They are exactly what I was hoping for.  My personality changed back to normal the very moment that I finished painting on the last coat of poly.  I am pretty sure that angels in Heaven were rejoicing with me and there was a rainbow in the sky over my garage.

MM Kitchen Chairs 5

MM Kitchen Chairs 4

Now, here is the million dollar question: Would I do it all over again?

Maybe in another 10 years I will tackle refinishing chairs.  But not anytime before 2025.

Mark my words.

Read my lips.

Mark it down.

Not happenin’.

Have you ever refinished a piece of furniture and enjoyed it?  Or did you have the same torture that I endured? I would love to hear from you!


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Hey y’all!

Remember when we chatted about Desk Organization?


Well, I made another round up for Hometalk but this time it was all about baskets.

 Of course, I am prejudiced and love this upcycled basket project that I did…

But I have found lots of other ways that people have turned old or ugly baskets into something beautiful.

I love a good before and after, don’t you?  You should see my before and after every morning when I get up and get ready. Bahahah, who am I kidding?  It’s about the same.

But these baskets, they are another story.

 I love the rope on this basket.  This gives a great texture to an otherwise boring basket.

 This super cute egg basket gets a new lease on life as a light fixture.  I absolutely adore this.  One of these days when I am in my dream farmhouse, this will be in at least one room.

Possibly all of the rooms–just sayin’.

 Using a basket as a frame for art has quite frankly never crossed my mind.  But I love this!  Mark my words–This will happen in McCall Manor.  Just gotta find some art and a basket.  😉

If you still haven’t checked out Hometalk, shame shame shame.  Run on over and see what it’s all about.

Pop back over here and let me know what you think, I love hearing from you!


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 I have a sweet treat for you today!  Cindy at DIY Beautify is sharing a fun recipe here at the Manor.  She is full of creativity and has a fun personality that shows up in her writing.  So sit back, read on and make a grocery list that includes Jolly Rancher jello mix (who knew!).
Sweet and tart, these Watermelon Cupcakes are a delicious combination and you can get the recipe and instructions at DIY beautify.

Hi friends of McCall Manor, I’m Cindy and I blog at DIY beautify, where I love ‘bringing beauty to the ordinary’ with home decor ideas, DIY projects and crafts.I’m participating in the One Room Challenge and just gave my oak bed a French Country makeover. . I also recently posted the final reveal of my laundry room makeover. I added a healthy dose of farmhouse charm to my builder-grade room for less than $200!

Besides DIY projects and home decor, I love to share family-friendly recipes as well; especially when they’re kid-approved. These Watermelon Cupcakes were inspired by an episode of The Profit
(which happens to be one of my 10-year-old daughter’s favorite shows). We were watching an episode one night about Schuler’s BBQ. They showed a Watermelon Cake and Little DIY immediately said, “Mom, you have to make that cake, it looks so good!”

So, like a good mom, I set out to find a recipe and bake the cake of my daughter’s dreams.

I did a little searching online and found this recipe for Watermelon Cake that I adapted for cupcakes (little DIY decided cupcakes would be “funner” to eat).
The recipe uses a white cake mix and a package of watermelon jello mix.  I used Jolly Rancher Watermelon Jello mix, which made the cake kind of tangy and tart…a great contrast with the dark chocolate chips.
basic ingredients for Watermelon Cupcakes | DIY beautify

The next time I make this recipe I’ll use mini chocolate chips (they’re meant to resemble watermelon seeds). I actually forgot to pick them up at the store, so I had to use large chocolate chips. Of course, it still tasted great, but lost a little of the impact…maybe I’ll call them ‘seedless watermelon cupcakes’…you know how you always get a few seeds anyway?!

I made my own Cream Cheese Frosting and colored it very pale green to resemble the watermelon rind. The cake that we are copying had pink icing, but I think ours looks more authentic!
Sweet and tart, these Watermelon Cupcakes are a delicious combination and you can get the recipe and instructions at DIY beautify.
These are really good! They’re not too sweet; they’re moist and have the tangy-ness from the cream cheese frosting and the tartness from the watermelon flavoring. Little DIY has already declared them her favorite cupcakes of all time, the cutest cupcakes ever…and the cupcakes she wants at her eleventh birthday!
I think they’re a hit :)
Sweet and tart, these Watermelon Cupcakes are a delicious combination and you can get the recipe and instructions at DIY beautify.
What do you think? Are you tempted to give Watermelon Cupcakes a try? Thanks so much for letting me share this recipe today Holly.
I’d be thrilled if you stopped by DIY beautify to see what I’m up to, and you’re welcome to follow me on Pinterest, FB, Twitter and Instagram.I have a fabulous Favorite Things Giveaway going on right now. It’s a Blog Hop with 10 participating bloggers, so lots of chances to win and some fabulous prize packs up for grabs!

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above
are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase
the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only
recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add
value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal
Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Hey Y’all!

I’ve been wanting to share this makeover with you for sometime now.  This has been a long time in the making.

Now, the actual painting of the table only took one evening to do.  It was a fun and easy project that made a big difference in my kitchen.

MM Kitchen Table Label

The part that took the longest were those gorgeous chairs (that weren’t so gorgeous when I got them).  This project probably could have used Martha Stewart’s whole team to tackle, but it was just me.  In my garage.  In Florida.  So, yeah…It almost killed me.  I’ll post more on that next week so that you can see what I mean.

But let’s focus more on the pretty farmhouse table–that didn’t try and kill me.

This is my favorite ‘before’ pic because it highlights the groove part of the tongue and groove  boards.  You never know what you’ll find around this house.

MM chair seats #2

This table was made by Mr. Creativity’s great-great grandfather.  The top of it is made with tongue and groove flooring.  The legs are turned wood with a simple design.

When we were engaged (19 years ago) this table was pulled out of one of the houses on the family farm.  My father-in-law said “Holly is not going to want this old rickety thing” but my sweet fiance took a chance and showed it to me anyway. :)

MM Kitchen Table 5

I painted a base coat of Amy Howard at Home one step paint.  This is my little not-so-secret step.  It adheres to any surface so there is no priming.

MM Kitchen table 2

Then I painted over with the Toscana milk paint from Amy Howard.  I had leftover paint from my 3-drawer chest and my dresser in my master bedroom.

MM Kitchen table 1

Yes, I painted this in my kitchen at night, while watching Fixer Upper.

MM Kitchen table 2

I then distressed.  This is where the personality comes out.  And I am all about some personality.

MM Kitchen Table 3


MM Kitchen Table 4

MM Kitchen Table 5

I have painted this table every color of the rainbow over the years, but I think this version is my favorite.

MM Kitchen Table 6

The top is painted with the Ballet White One-Step Paint then topped with Strasbourg White Toscana Milk Paint.

The base and legs are painted with Bergere Blue One-Step Paint and topped with a mixture of 2 Toscana colors.  I wanted the Cote d’Azure to be toned down a little so I mixed in some of the Strasbourg powder to lighten it.

MM Kitchen Table 7

After the paint dried, I brushed on a thin layer of the antiquing wax from AH@H on the legs.

Since the top gets a lot of wear and tear from being in the kitchen area, I used a poly coating for the top.  I used a water based poly, so it dried quickly and didn’t  suffocate the family with fumes.

Wasn’t that thoughtful of me? 😉

MM Kitchen Table 8This table has been complete for a few weeks now and it looks just as good as it did the very first day.  I’m loving it.

But you never know when I’ll change it up again…


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Hey errrrbody!

I have had so much fun the last few weeks that I’m not sure I can resume my ‘normal’ life around here.  We had the 7/8th grade trip to Atlanta, Spring Break, my parents here for a week, now I have Kentucky friends here this week and next week some of those same friends are coming back for another visit.  See?  Who needs normal life when you get to play all day everyday?!

MM Text Masking Bloom Finished

But sadly, all good things… nevermind, I won’t finish that.  It’s too depressing. 😉

So today we are going to talk about something happy and cheerful.


It’s what you didn’t know you didn’t know. Or maybe you did. Who knows.


Remember this?  I took a picture of the cobblestone streets in Charleston and then applied a text mask.  There are endless possibilities and uses for this editing skill.

Can you imagine actually being able to finish a scrapbook that you started back in 2003 because you finally got a title put on each page?

That in and of itself is a great dream of mine…not saying that it will ever happen.

So here are 8 easy steps to get you going.

Enjoy.  Play.  Let me know if you create something amazeballs.

Step 1: Go to PicMonkey.com  It’s free.  It’s an online picture editing program that is extremely user friendly.

Step 2: Decide on a photo that you want to use (you can edit the color/saturation/temp in pic monkey before making the mask). You won’t actually use the photo until a step 7, but you will want to know which one you’re using and have it edited and saved.


Step 3: Choose your canvas size in design

MM text masking bloom design

Step 4: Make your canvas white

MM text masking canvas color

Step 5: Choose your text (font, size and whatever you want your mask to ‘say’)

MM text masking text

Step 6: Now that you have your canvas and your text all in one place, you will need to combine them (or flatten them, if you are fancy)

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 8.00.40 AM

Step 7: Choose your image (that you have previously decided upon in step 1) in the Overlays menu.  Just click on ‘Your Own’ and it will allow you to choose an image saved on your computer.  Pretty cool ‘eh?

MM text masking overlays

Step 8: Now that you have your canvas and text flattened with your image laying on top of that, you’ll need to stretch your photo to fit your canvas (click onto the photo corners and drag).

Then you will Lighten the image in your Blend mode in the overlay menu.  See where the arrow is pointing to ‘Normal’, that’s where you’ll choose ‘Lighten’.

Okay, so step 8 could be broken into 2 steps, but you get it. Because you are so smart.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 7.26.57 AM

  And voila!

MM Text Masking Bloom Finished

Think you can handle all of this fun?  I am sure you will be rocking it in no time.  Let me know when you try it.


MM Sig

Hey y’all!

I am so excited to share with you a project that I just finished.  I am guest posting over at Ashley’s blog today called ‘3 Little Greenwoods’. 

MM Clock Face Label

To get step-by-step instructions on how to make this clock face using an electrical spool, head on over to her blog and check it out.  This was a fun and relatively easy project that makes a big statement in a room.  I hope you enjoy it!

MM Clock Collage

Don’t you just love using something that has already served it’s purpose and needs a ‘new lease on life’? I think this piece is much better looking in it’s retirement. 😉


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