Hey y’all!

Remember when we chatted about Desk Organization?


Well, I made another round up for Hometalk but this time it was all about baskets.

 Of course, I am prejudiced and love this upcycled basket project that I did…

But I have found lots of other ways that people have turned old or ugly baskets into something beautiful.

I love a good before and after, don’t you?  You should see my before and after every morning when I get up and get ready. Bahahah, who am I kidding?  It’s about the same.

But these baskets, they are another story.

 I love the rope on this basket.  This gives a great texture to an otherwise boring basket.

 This super cute egg basket gets a new lease on life as a light fixture.  I absolutely adore this.  One of these days when I am in my dream farmhouse, this will be in at least one room.

Possibly all of the rooms–just sayin’.

 Using a basket as a frame for art has quite frankly never crossed my mind.  But I love this!  Mark my words–This will happen in McCall Manor.  Just gotta find some art and a basket.  ;)

If you still haven’t checked out Hometalk, shame shame shame.  Run on over and see what it’s all about.

Pop back over here and let me know what you think, I love hearing from you!


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 I have a sweet treat for you today!  Cindy at DIY Beautify is sharing a fun recipe here at the Manor.  She is full of creativity and has a fun personality that shows up in her writing.  So sit back, read on and make a grocery list that includes Jolly Rancher jello mix (who knew!).
Sweet and tart, these Watermelon Cupcakes are a delicious combination and you can get the recipe and instructions at DIY beautify.

Hi friends of McCall Manor, I’m Cindy and I blog at DIY beautify, where I love ‘bringing beauty to the ordinary’ with home decor ideas, DIY projects and crafts.I’m participating in the One Room Challenge and just gave my oak bed a French Country makeover. . I also recently posted the final reveal of my laundry room makeover. I added a healthy dose of farmhouse charm to my builder-grade room for less than $200!

Besides DIY projects and home decor, I love to share family-friendly recipes as well; especially when they’re kid-approved. These Watermelon Cupcakes were inspired by an episode of The Profit
(which happens to be one of my 10-year-old daughter’s favorite shows). We were watching an episode one night about Schuler’s BBQ. They showed a Watermelon Cake and Little DIY immediately said, “Mom, you have to make that cake, it looks so good!”

So, like a good mom, I set out to find a recipe and bake the cake of my daughter’s dreams.

I did a little searching online and found this recipe for Watermelon Cake that I adapted for cupcakes (little DIY decided cupcakes would be “funner” to eat).
The recipe uses a white cake mix and a package of watermelon jello mix.  I used Jolly Rancher Watermelon Jello mix, which made the cake kind of tangy and tart…a great contrast with the dark chocolate chips.
basic ingredients for Watermelon Cupcakes | DIY beautify

The next time I make this recipe I’ll use mini chocolate chips (they’re meant to resemble watermelon seeds). I actually forgot to pick them up at the store, so I had to use large chocolate chips. Of course, it still tasted great, but lost a little of the impact…maybe I’ll call them ‘seedless watermelon cupcakes’…you know how you always get a few seeds anyway?!

I made my own Cream Cheese Frosting and colored it very pale green to resemble the watermelon rind. The cake that we are copying had pink icing, but I think ours looks more authentic!
Sweet and tart, these Watermelon Cupcakes are a delicious combination and you can get the recipe and instructions at DIY beautify.
These are really good! They’re not too sweet; they’re moist and have the tangy-ness from the cream cheese frosting and the tartness from the watermelon flavoring. Little DIY has already declared them her favorite cupcakes of all time, the cutest cupcakes ever…and the cupcakes she wants at her eleventh birthday!
I think they’re a hit :)
Sweet and tart, these Watermelon Cupcakes are a delicious combination and you can get the recipe and instructions at DIY beautify.
What do you think? Are you tempted to give Watermelon Cupcakes a try? Thanks so much for letting me share this recipe today Holly.
I’d be thrilled if you stopped by DIY beautify to see what I’m up to, and you’re welcome to follow me on Pinterest, FB, Twitter and Instagram.I have a fabulous Favorite Things Giveaway going on right now. It’s a Blog Hop with 10 participating bloggers, so lots of chances to win and some fabulous prize packs up for grabs!

bringing beauty to the ordinary,

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are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase
the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I only
recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add
value to my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal
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Hey Y’all!

I’ve been wanting to share this makeover with you for sometime now.  This has been a long time in the making.

Now, the actual painting of the table only took one evening to do.  It was a fun and easy project that made a big difference in my kitchen.

MM Kitchen Table Label

The part that took the longest were those gorgeous chairs (that weren’t so gorgeous when I got them).  This project probably could have used Martha Stewart’s whole team to tackle, but it was just me.  In my garage.  In Florida.  So, yeah…It almost killed me.  I’ll post more on that next week so that you can see what I mean.

But let’s focus more on the pretty farmhouse table–that didn’t try and kill me.

This is my favorite ‘before’ pic because it highlights the groove part of the tongue and groove  boards.  You never know what you’ll find around this house.

MM chair seats #2

This table was made by Mr. Creativity’s great-great grandfather.  The top of it is made with tongue and groove flooring.  The legs are turned wood with a simple design.

When we were engaged (19 years ago) this table was pulled out of one of the houses on the family farm.  My father-in-law said “Holly is not going to want this old rickety thing” but my sweet fiance took a chance and showed it to me anyway. :)

MM Kitchen Table 5

I painted a base coat of Amy Howard at Home one step paint.  This is my little not-so-secret step.  It adheres to any surface so there is no priming.

MM Kitchen table 2

Then I painted over with the Toscana milk paint from Amy Howard.  I had leftover paint from my 3-drawer chest and my dresser in my master bedroom.

MM Kitchen table 1

Yes, I painted this in my kitchen at night, while watching Fixer Upper.

MM Kitchen table 2

I then distressed.  This is where the personality comes out.  And I am all about some personality.

MM Kitchen Table 3


MM Kitchen Table 4

MM Kitchen Table 5

I have painted this table every color of the rainbow over the years, but I think this version is my favorite.

MM Kitchen Table 6

The top is painted with the Ballet White One-Step Paint then topped with Strasbourg White Toscana Milk Paint.

The base and legs are painted with Bergere Blue One-Step Paint and topped with a mixture of 2 Toscana colors.  I wanted the Cote d’Azure to be toned down a little so I mixed in some of the Strasbourg powder to lighten it.

MM Kitchen Table 7

After the paint dried, I brushed on a thin layer of the antiquing wax from AH@H on the legs.

Since the top gets a lot of wear and tear from being in the kitchen area, I used a poly coating for the top.  I used a water based poly, so it dried quickly and didn’t  suffocate the family with fumes.

Wasn’t that thoughtful of me? ;)

MM Kitchen Table 8This table has been complete for a few weeks now and it looks just as good as it did the very first day.  I’m loving it.

But you never know when I’ll change it up again…


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Hey errrrbody!

I have had so much fun the last few weeks that I’m not sure I can resume my ‘normal’ life around here.  We had the 7/8th grade trip to Atlanta, Spring Break, my parents here for a week, now I have Kentucky friends here this week and next week some of those same friends are coming back for another visit.  See?  Who needs normal life when you get to play all day everyday?!

MM Text Masking Bloom Finished

But sadly, all good things… nevermind, I won’t finish that.  It’s too depressing. ;)

So today we are going to talk about something happy and cheerful.


It’s what you didn’t know you didn’t know. Or maybe you did. Who knows.


Remember this?  I took a picture of the cobblestone streets in Charleston and then applied a text mask.  There are endless possibilities and uses for this editing skill.

Can you imagine actually being able to finish a scrapbook that you started back in 2003 because you finally got a title put on each page?

That in and of itself is a great dream of mine…not saying that it will ever happen.

So here are 8 easy steps to get you going.

Enjoy.  Play.  Let me know if you create something amazeballs.

Step 1: Go to PicMonkey.com  It’s free.  It’s an online picture editing program that is extremely user friendly.

Step 2: Decide on a photo that you want to use (you can edit the color/saturation/temp in pic monkey before making the mask). You won’t actually use the photo until a step 7, but you will want to know which one you’re using and have it edited and saved.


Step 3: Choose your canvas size in design

MM text masking bloom design

Step 4: Make your canvas white

MM text masking canvas color

Step 5: Choose your text (font, size and whatever you want your mask to ‘say’)

MM text masking text

Step 6: Now that you have your canvas and your text all in one place, you will need to combine them (or flatten them, if you are fancy)

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 8.00.40 AM

Step 7: Choose your image (that you have previously decided upon in step 1) in the Overlays menu.  Just click on ‘Your Own’ and it will allow you to choose an image saved on your computer.  Pretty cool ‘eh?

MM text masking overlays

Step 8: Now that you have your canvas and text flattened with your image laying on top of that, you’ll need to stretch your photo to fit your canvas (click onto the photo corners and drag).

Then you will Lighten the image in your Blend mode in the overlay menu.  See where the arrow is pointing to ‘Normal’, that’s where you’ll choose ‘Lighten’.

Okay, so step 8 could be broken into 2 steps, but you get it. Because you are so smart.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 7.26.57 AM

  And voila!

MM Text Masking Bloom Finished

Think you can handle all of this fun?  I am sure you will be rocking it in no time.  Let me know when you try it.


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Hey y’all!

I am so excited to share with you a project that I just finished.  I am guest posting over at Ashley’s blog today called ‘3 Little Greenwoods’. 

MM Clock Face Label

To get step-by-step instructions on how to make this clock face using an electrical spool, head on over to her blog and check it out.  This was a fun and relatively easy project that makes a big statement in a room.  I hope you enjoy it!

MM Clock Collage

Don’t you just love using something that has already served it’s purpose and needs a ‘new lease on life’? I think this piece is much better looking in it’s retirement. ;)


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Hey Y’all!  I have a treat for you!  Christina from Sweet Haute is going to be sharing with you today.  She has a delightful blog that you should check out!  Now, I’ll let her do the talking.  :)
Hello, I’m Christina visiting from the SWEET HAUTE Blog, where I write about ‘La Dolce Vita,’ which means…the sweet life. You can find various DIY Home Lifestyle ideas and fun tips there at my blog. I’m happy to be here today with a Guest Post that is a quick and easy Easter Bunting DIY Decor Project and it is handmade by using a beautiful simple Easter Egg and Cross theme.
Here are some fun templates and FREE printables to help you make some homemade DIY beauty this Easter using inexpensive materials. I placed these paper crafts in my office windows but you can use them anywhere, it would look great as mantle decor or above a buffet station decorated for a gorgeous and amazing Easter Dinner.
Have fun with it:)
 Dress up those plain windows at the office:)
Great DIY ideas to make your Easter Holiday personalized and homemade:)
Cardstock / Scrapbook Paper
Ball Trim
Mini Clothes Pins
Doilies- paper
Contact Paper- optional
Washi Tape



Scissors / Cutting Machine
Glue Dots
Step 1:
Print out your templates and trace onto card stock.
Create with your craft cutting machine.
Step 2:
Decorate your cross shapes, and egg shapes with contact paper (I used clear with polka dots) and colorful Washi Tape.
Step 3:
Secure doilies on the back of each egg with glue (I used glue dots) and make sure place glue on doily…not egg, you want to glue the doily ‘paper’ instead of the holes in doily. Adhere together and let the glue cure.
Step 4:
Next, strip up your bunting line (I used ball trim) yet ribbon, jute, or rick-rack will work too.
I used Washi tape to hang on window glass in some spots to make it decorative.
Step 5:
Finally, hang up your eggs and crosses. Use mini clothes pins to hang eggs, you may want to secure eggs with tape once your have them placed in case they are too heavy.
Happy Easter…enjoy!
Use colorful Washi Tape to decorate the crosses.
 Use card stock with delightful Spring colors.
Check out my other post about my Bunny Cotton Tail Banner too!
~Be SweetChristinaSWEET HAUTE ‘La Dolce Vita’….the sweet lifeSUBSCRIBE | and follow @SWEET HAUTE 

Pinterest | YouTube | Facebook {new page}, Twitter, | Instagram.


So, I have been MIA lately due to a school trip and spring break being back to back.  It has been fun, but it’s back to reality for us.

Our spring break was spent swimming, watching movies and taking a quick trip to one of our favorite cities.


Have you been to Charleston, SC?  Did you know that it has been chosen as the top city in America to visit and 2nd in the world?

Yep.  You need to go.


MM Charleston Trip 8

The city is rich in history, scenery, food, and culture.  Just walking around you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. From the cobblestone streets to the architecture, it all speaks to a time long ago.

MM Charleston Trip 7

We spent our day strolling through the streets with the kids and some of our long time friends.

It was a perfect day (other than being a little chilly).

MM Charleston Trip 10

I’ll stop talking now and leave you with some of the pictures that I snapped.

Charleston makes it easy to take good pics…

MM Charleston Trip 9

MM Charleston Trip 3

MM Charleston Trip 5

MM Charleston Trip 6

MM Charleston Trip 2

MM Charleston Trip 11

MM Charleston Trip 12

I can’t wait to share what we found regarding our family there.  Stay tuned!


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Do you remember about 1,000 years ago when I mentioned that I am fixing up my master bedroom?  Well, we are one step closer to letting you see everything. But for now, I’ll show you the biggest project that I needed to tick off my list.

I am so completely thrilled to tell you that I SURVIVED THIS DRESSER MAKEOVER!

I was worried.   This is a big piece and I had very little time to work on it.  I also wanted to give it some interest instead of painting it one flat color.

MM Dresser Makeover Label

But I’m thrilled with how it now looks.

Here is a before shot:

MM Master Bedroom Before 2

It was huge, black and had bad gold accents.  The only thing that I liked about it was that it had good bones.

I loved it immeasurably more even after the base coat of chalk paint.  It took the ‘weight’ out of the piece.  Then, when the milk paint went on with all of its variations and texture, I fell in love.  At the same time, the details started being more apparent.  Look at how the drawers are trimmed and look at the fluting on the side right below the leafy detail.  They all just seemed to jump out at me once the piece was painted a creamy white.

MM milk paint dresser before

Remember when I  painted the sconces and showed you each step?  I did the exact same steps on this piece.  Below you can see the ‘fly-specking’ on the top drawer and the antiquing glaze on the bottom drawer.  These are two separate steps.

Now, before you get all “I have no clue how to do any of this, so I’m just not going to try”, let me be clear–None of these steps are hard.

I took this piece and did one or two steps a day.  Break it down for yourself so that you don’t get A) sore and B) distraught.

MM Milk Paint dresser before 2

There is always a point in a big project where I feel like there is NO WAY this piece will turn out right.  At that point, it’s best to lay down the brush and go to bed (generally that point hits when I’m up past my bedtime).  Everything seems possible after a good night’s sleep.

MM Milk Paint Dresser 2

I hand-painted some detail on the sides and on the drawer fronts.  If I can do this, you can do this.  I don’t even draw stick figures, so there is no ‘artist’ in me.

MM Milk Paint Dresser 4

MM Dresser Makeover 9

MM Milk Paint Dresser 5

The top of the piece, I left alone.  It is a warm wood tone, that is in good condition.  I love the contrast between the light paint and the dark wood.

MM Milk Paint Dresser Top

MM Milk Piant Dresser 8

The Toscana milk paint that I used is from Amy Howard at Home.  She has a fabulous line of colors to choose from.  The creamy white that I used is called ‘Strasbourg White’ and the blue is ‘Cote d’ Azure’.  I used the antiquing glaze and wax finishes from AH@H as well.

Do you have a piece of furniture that needs a little love?  Instead of replacing it, just find a way to update it.

And as Amy Howard says “Enjoy the bragging rights!”


MM Sig

Click on the links to see where I used AH@H spray lacquer, one-step paint and Toscana milk paint.

**The paint for this project was supplied by Amy Howard at Home, but the thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

Linking to: Furniture Feature Friday  *

Y’all I hate to brag, but I just have to.

You know that my husband works at Disney, right?  Don’t get excited, he doesn’t drive the monorail or anything.

He is a writer.

At Disney.

But that is not what I’m bragging about.

John's award 3

You know that I have dubbed my husband ‘Mr. Creativity’ on here (he rolled his eyes at me when I did that) but it really is true.  He is creative from the top of his head all the way down to his toenails.  His brain never stops. He writes circles around me.  He can take a non-event kind of day and weave a story so colorful about it that you feel like it could be made into a movie–one that makes you do the ugly cry or makes you laugh til you wet your pants.

He doesn’t do ordinary.

He doesn’t do half way.

John's award 2

Well today at the east coast/west coast town hall meeting he and one other were recognized as Walt Disney World Legacy Award winners.

My completely humble husband was caught off guard.  He had no clue that they were describing him as they were talking about attributes of the winner.

I love that about him.  He doesn’t sit with fingers crossed waiting for them to call his name.  He does what he loves, not for awards and recognition (don’t get me wrong, he loves knowing that people appreciate what he does) but he has found what he loves and he gets paid to do it.

So proud of you Mr. Creativity!

But remember, the trash goes out on Tuesday and Friday–don’t get too big for your britches.


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