Hey Y’all!

It is cold here again…wonders never cease! I actually wore a sweater yesterday.  Life is good.

Anyhoo, I actually just have a quick post for you today.  Last Friday my friend Kerry and I hosted the Thanksgiving party for our second grade boys. This class has 10 children in it and 9 are boys.  Last year there were NO girls.

Let that sink in.

2nd Grade Thanksgiving

Just think about a world with no girls.

Dear mercy, make it stop.

2nd Grade Thanksgiving

Can you imagine what table etiquette would be like if there were no mothers and sister and girlfriends to make them behave? I’m not sure that I want that for my boys.

2nd Grade Thanksgiving

So Kerry and I decided they needed a proper Thanksgiving.

With manners and everything.

2nd Grade Thanksgiving

And guess what?  They did a great job.

There were no food fights, no bodily sounds, no one knocked anything over and they enjoyed it!

Kerry read them a story about how we came to have the Thanksgiving Day traditions and they listenend.

2nd Grade Thanksgiving

We were so proud of them.

One day, I’m pretty sure, my daughter-in-law will thank us for this.

2nd Grade Thanksgiving

I hope your Thanksgiving is lovely and the manners at the table are as good as 2nd grade boys! 😉

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Happy Thanksgiving Break Y’all!

Whew, I made it.  This was a doozy of a week here at the manor.  Can I just give a shout out to all of the single parents around the world?  These people deserve several extra stars in their crown and free Starbucks coffee anytime they want it.  Mr. Creativity has been in LA for most of November and it just about broke me on Wednesday of this week.  Not even kidding.

So if you have a friend or relative out there that is a single parent ALL OF THE TIME, hug them.  Bring them a special something just to make them smile.  Tell them they are awesome.  Tell them Holly said so.

Okay, enough with the PSA.  Let’s talk about Thanksgiving shall we?


Do you have your stretchy pants ready? Are you ready for the meat sweats? Is your turkey already thawing in your fridge?

If so, you are ready.

We are having a crowd of people here on Thursday and I think I will be ready. I’m in charge of making the stuffing (grandmother’s recipe) and cleaning the house. Mr. Creativity and his friend Skyscraper will each be making a turkey.

Then between all of our friends, the sides will be done.  And let me tell you, my friends can cook.  I’m so excited. 😉


I thought I would show you all some of our past Thanksgiving group shots that we have had in years past.  We always gather in front of the Christmas tree and take a big group shot before digging into the turkey. I’m sure it is miserable for everyone, but I love getting to go back and see it.

Thanksgiving 2012

This is one of my favorite pictures of all times.  It is not the best quality, but you see the two people standing on the far left side?  Yeah, we don’t know them.  We met them at Cracker Barrel that morning.  They were nice and they liked Mr. Creativity’s Tennessee hat.

They didn’t have family in town and we had plenty of food, so they came for Thanksgiving.

Ed and Libba.  I truly hope they are doing well wherever they are.


I have had the best time going through our old photos and seeing the happy smiling faces that have graced our Thanksgiving table.  We are truly blessed to have gotten to spend a meal with you.

Thanksgiving 2014

And if you are coming this year, get ready.  I will be taking this group shot come you-know-what or high water.  Get over it and put on your happy face.  It’s a Thanksgiving tradition!!!

I hope wherever you are you are having a blessed and happy holiday.

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Hey Y’all!

Can you believe that next week is Thanksgiving? I truly can’t.  I love having everyone over here at the Manor, hopefully I’ll get it clean before they arrive.  blahahaha (that’s my crazy laugh).

I think I have a problem… I decided to paint my living room (which I finished yesterday) then decided to paint some of my interior doors.  Now I think that my artwork doesn’t look right, so that needs to change.  Someone stop me! I need to be working on Thanksgiving!!

If you are new to McCall Manor check out some other things that I’ve been doing around here while the paint was drying…


Let’s just get on with the party, shall we??

linky party dianeanddeanHey everyone! It’s Diane from Diane & Dean DIY (the hubs is out of town this week) and I am hosting the Your Inspired Design’s party this week. I hope you have had a wonderful week so far. I can’t believe that next week is Thanksgiving. Holy cow! How in the world did that sneak up on us? Dean and I are hosting Thanksgiving again at our house this year and although our crowd seems to get a little smaller year to year with the kids all over the place, we still look forward to getting together with everyone and catching up. We will be missing those that can’t be with us but we are so thankful for face time. At least the top three competitors for our annual ping pong tournament will all be here so…Get Ready, Big Bro…Game On, Son! Who won last year? Oh yeah, ME.

Thank you to all of the amazing submissions last week. You blew me away. I am so excited to share the” featured” bloggers. Just a little reminder before the big reveal, don’t forget to follow Carol’s, Kristy’s, Gloria’s, Holly’s, Christine’s and Dean and mine’s social media links at the bottom of the page if you want to keep up with the latest. If you would like weekly DIY Goodness from Diane & Dean DIY just sign up for our newsletter to the right of this post. Alrighty then, let’s move on to our very special features that are spotlighted today.

Shhh..don’t tell anyone but I didn’t decorate our home for the fall season this year. We traveled a lot. That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it. This is one of the reasons I probably selected McKenzie at Messy Haired Mom (love that name) with her beautiful Thanksgiving printables. This counts as decoration, right? I have at least one already to be put in a frame to display. I love the quote too. Click on over to her website to check out the cute cut outs that you can get creative with,too.


With Thanksgiving on our minds, I couldn’t resist not stopping by At Home With Jemma to see how she made this delicious holiday pumpkin roll, a little spin off traditional pumpkin bread.

pumpkin roll

I was totally inspired by this pallet board mail station by One More Time Events. We got mail, alright. Mail in the office, mail on the entry table and mail on the kitchen counter. I am making this tonight. Okay, I might say that about everything I fall in love with but truth is…I’ll get to it .

pallet board mail


That was super fun. Thank you again to all who submitted your fabulous crafts and recipes. Please keep the inspiration coming. Thank you to all of our readers. We are so very grateful that you take a few minutes out of your day to hopefully be inspired. Here’s the part where you can show us some love and follow our social media below. 😉

Your Inspired Design Link Party

Christine @ Let’s Get Crafty

Diane @ Diane and Dean DIY

Kristy @ Starfish Cottage

Carol @ Bluesky Kitchen

Lisa & Gloria @ Potentially Chic

Holly @ McCall Manor


Now that we have all been properly introduced, let’s get to linking up!

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7. Enjoy the creativity!

You can grab a party button here and if you are featured next week, be sure to grab our featured button at that point!

Thanks for partying with us!

McCall Manor
McCall Manor


Hey Y’all!

I am so excited today about all the fun things we have in store for you!  Raise your hand if you feel like you run out of time getting ready for Christmas.  Okay, I see just about everyone has their hands high in the air…

Me too.  Well today my blog friends and I have some fabulous 10 Minute Christmas ideas for you. If you start now, you can be ready for Christmas on time.  Doesn’t that sound amazing?

10 Minute Christmas

My topic was a 10 minute Christmas gift and I think this one will actually take you less than 10 minutes.  So spend the rest of that time wrapping it beautifully or get crazy and turn on a cheesy Lifetime Christmas movie. Whatever floats your boat!

MM antique frame 1

I found this old crusty frame at an antique market here in town.  That is something you can usually find at any flea market or antique store. They can range from $10 on up.


MM Antique Frame 3

I got some chicken wire at Ace Hardware, this was about a dollar.  I cut it down to size with tin snips and then stapled it onto the back of the frame.

10 Minute Christmas Gift - McCall Manor

Now you can hang a wreath on it or use mini clothes pin to attach picture to the wire.

MM Antique Frame 4

MM Antique Frame 5

10 Minute Christmas Gift - McCall Manor

10 Minute Christmas Gift - McCall Manor

10 Minute Christmas Gift - McCall Manor

That was the easiest gift that I have ever made for a friend and it might just be my favorite.

For other 10 Minute Christmas ideas, go visit my friends and see what they are sharing!

10 Minute Christmas Collage 1

Tablescape  |  Kristy @ The Starfish Cottage

Recipe  |  Carol @ Bluesky Kitchen

Pay It Forward  |  Diane @ Diane & Dean DIY

Gift Wrap  |  Jennifer @ Life of Jennifer Dawn

Ornament  |  Christine @ Let’s Get Crafty

Wreath  |  Gloria @ Potentially Chic

Gift  |  Holly @ McCall Manor

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Hey Y’all!

I don’t want to brag or anything, but my Christmas Cards are ordered and on their way to me as we speak.  Plus, the envelopes are addressed already (more on that later).  All I have to do is stuff the envelopes and put on the stamps. Woohoo!

Okay, so I’m totally bragging.  I’m quite proud of myself.

Here’s our card from 2012 (it seems like yesterday that we sent these out). I’ll take a pic of this year’s card once I’ve sent it to all of the family.  I have to leave a little mystery…

Christmas Card - McCall Manor

So, why do I love Christmas cards so much?

I know Christmas cards can be a bit stressful, believe me I have rushed around at the last minute and spent hours writing the addresses on the envelopes. It can be painful.  Not to mention taking pictures that would be Christmas card worthy–heaven help us. When you put kids in front of a camera and tell them to smile and act like they are having fun, that’s when the crazy begins.

But here are my 3 main reasons why I think it is worth the effort to send cards at Christmas.

1) The photo session outtakes. 

Mr. Creativity and I were cracking up when we were looking at all of the pics that I snapped. These kids have a hard time just smiling.  They laugh, make faces, act goofy and pretty much decide to have a big ol time when the camera is snapping. These pictures won’t be on our card this year, but now we have them to look back at and possibly put in their graduation slide show one day. ha

Christmas Card Outtakes

But sometimes you get these…and they redeem themselves.

The Good Pics Collage

2) Decorating with Christmas Cards.

My friend Sherri had a Christmas card tree at her house when we visited several years back and I thought it was genius.  So I got a $15 tree from Walmart and it sits by my front door.  The only decorations that go on it are a strand of lights, a ribbon of burlap and all of the cards that come to our mailbox. By the time Christmas rolls around, it is full to overflowing with lovely pictures and cards from friends and family.

I love it more than any other decoration around the house.

Christmas Card Tree - McCall Manor

3) Looking back over the years.

This is one reason that takes, well, a few years to appreciate.  But I LOVE this perk of Christmas cards.  In my decorating stash I have every card that has come our way from over the years.  I love seeing how our friend’s kids have grown and changed over the years.

Christmas Cards - McCall Manor

So there are 3 major reasons for you to take the time to send out cards this year.

As an incentive to sending out your own, Minted.com is offering a 15% discount if you will use the code CHEER15 . This offer is good from now until Nov 24.

Can I tell you the main reason that you should jump at this offer?

Besides the fact that these cards are on a high-quality paper. Besides the fact that you can get a proof before placing your order.  Besides the fact that there are hundreds of gorgeous designs to choose from.

The main reason I have used them for several years is because THEY ADDRESS YOUR ENVELOPES FOR YOU…FOR FREE (for a limited time)! I typed my addresses in several years ago and now all I have to do is update if someone has moved.  So instead of writing each address, I just click a button and when my cards and envelopes show up, they are already addressed.

It’s a Christmas miracle! 😉

Minted Envelopes  Do you send out cards every year? Why or why not?  I would love to hear from you!

MM signature*I was provided free product by Minted.com in exchange for my honest review of their product.  I have used Minted in the past and loved my experience tremendously. I only recommend products and companies that I like.

Hey Y’all!

It’s beginning to feel a lot less like Florida! This morning I woke up and thought that the air was turned down to 70…cue the panic.

Then I realized that it was just cold this morning!! Woohoo!

Christmas Pics by McCall Manor

This weekend wrap is dedicated to my favorite gifts that you should buy the eclectic person in your life for Christmas (pay attention honey).  This person doesn’t want a pressure cooker for Christmas or a gift card to Gander Mountain, this person wants something unique. This person loves all things old/restored/galvanized/crusty. There are a lot of us out there (shhhh, don’t tell Nicole Curtis from Rehab Addict-she thinks she’s the only one…)

First up, Lucy’s Inspired. Lucy was a part of HGTV’s Beach Flip (Lucy/Daphne team).  I saw one episode and then went to the Haven Conference in Atlanta.  Lucy was sitting at the table with me and I kept thinking she looked very familiar.  Then when I got back home I turned on HGTV and low and behold there she was.  At the conference I over heard someone asking if she had any jewelry to sell (she was wearing the coolest cuff and necklace at the time).  She said she did and they made plans to meet after our class was over. Well, I was leaving right after the class so I flippantly asked if she would sell one of the pieces that she was wearing.

As I’m writing this, I realize that I was a little bold in that move.  But she said yes and I now have a very cool cuff.

Lucy's InspiredNext up, my friend Juliet has an etsy shop with her friend Shannon called Quite a Pair Keepsakes.  They take reclaimed wood and make it into fabulous picture frames.  My pick of the day is the set of 6 ornaments that they sell.  You really can’t go wrong with this on your tree.

Ornament frames - Quite a Pair

Last up for today are my friends at Potentially Chic, Lisa and Gloria.  You probably know them from our Your Inspired Design link party. I absolutely adore the galvanized tray, the bottle drying rack and the jewelry from their shop.  I might be asking Santa for the drying rack, just need to figure out where it can go. ha

drying rack - potentially chic

There you go, now you  can get ahead of the crowd and not have to rush around on Dec 24th looking through the aisles at Walgreens (don’t pretend like you haven’t done that at some point–I’m pretty sure I’ve bumped in to you there).

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Hey Y’all!

Guess what I’ve been doing around here…Getting ready for Christmas!  Woohoo! I’m bummed that the Holiday music channel on TV isn’t available yet.  They need to put that up the day after Halloween in my opinion.

Remember this sign?

Welcome sign - McCall Manor

Well it is getting a Christmas facelift!  I can’t wait to show it to you.  Hopefully next week I’ll have a picture for you (but I’ll need poinsettias to sit around it and my black thumb will probably kill it long before December…).

Ready to be Inspired?


Link Party
Welcome to Your Inspired Design Link Party #11.  I’m happy to be your hostess this week. We had a great turn-out at the party last week.  And we’re glad you’re back.  For non-bloggers, our link party is a great way for you to benefit from the great ideas from a large group of other talented bloggers.  We hope that you’ll follow them too.
I want to share a few of my favorite posts from our party attendees.
linky party hostess
As a cook and instructor, I’m always looking for creative ideas and recipes.  I love anything mini.  These Individual Skillet Pecan Pies from Lynn at Nourish and Nestle look delicious and I love how she uses the 6-inch cast-iron skillets.  That’s a great way to serve such an iconic fall dessert.

Skillet Pecan Pie

Speaking of fall, I just drooled over these scenes that Carol at The Red Cottage shared.  I’m from Texas and seeing the changing of the trees with fall colors is a rare occurrence. We only see pictures like this on T.V., the movies or in our dreams. This is the only time of year that I wished I lived up North. (Just for a couple of weeks.)  I figured some of you might also enjoy these gorgeous photos.

The Red Painted Cottage

And with a few more weeks of celebrating fall, I thought this cute, quick pumpkin project from Kristi at Making It in the Mountains was perfect when you need just one more decoration to dress up you Thanksgiving table.

DIY Fabric Pumpkins


Now it’s your turn! Here are the hosts of the party, get to know them. :)
Your Inspired Design Link Party

Christine @ Let’s Get Crafty

Diane @ Diane and Dean DIY

Kristy @ Starfish Cottage

Carol @ Bluesky Kitchen

Lisa & Gloria @ Potentially Chic

Holly @ McCall Manor


Now that we have all been properly introduced, let’s get to linking up!

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7. Enjoy the creativity!

You can grab a party button here and if you are featured next week, be sure to grab our featured button at that point!

Thanks for partying with us!

McCall Manor
McCall Manor

Hey Y’all,

Today is Veterans Day.

Just a simple Wednesday, nothing fancy.

We can go about our lives and never even realize that we missed it.  We can go to school/work without thinking of the people who have protected us for generations.

Old Glory

But let’s don’t do that.  Let’s stop for a moment and go through the names of people that we know personally and be grateful.

Pause and think of their sacrifice. Pause and think about how you have benefited from their bravery. Pause and think of them.

If they are still living, pray for them.

If not, say a prayer of thanks for them.

Our world would be remarkably different if they had chosen a different path.

There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends – John 15:13

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Hey Y’all!

Deer heads are all the rage. Not real deer heads, in my opinion.   I just don’t want a head hanging on my wall eye-ballin’ me.

You know the look, don’t you?

Winter Pillow - McCall Manor

The look that says “Didn’t you cry every time you listened* Bambi as a child?”

Yep, that one…

Can’t you just hear baby Bambi saying “Mother? Mother,? Where are you Mother?”

Makes me choke up just typing that.

Winter Pillow - McCall Manor

This little pillow cover came from Hobby Lobby and was about $5 after my coupon.  It has been sitting in my I’ll-get-to-that-when-I-have-a-great-idea pile.

That pile isn’t fun to clean around (grin), but it’s soooo much fun to ‘shop’ when I have an idea.

Every now and then I come up with a fun project that I can tackle in about 10 minutes. That was the case yesterday morning.

The kids left for school and I had some time to kill before I went to meet friends to spend the morning at Epcot.

(Public Service Announcement) The Food &Wine festival was great, but my favorite food WASN’T THERE!

Greece let me down.

Winter Pillow - McCall Manor

Enough about Greece, let’s get on to something that doesn’t make me grumpy.

This project was extremely easy since I have the Silhouette machine.  If I had cut this by hand, well there would be no reason to take pics and share this with y’all. hehe

Silhouette has a great line of products that pair with all sorts of projects.

For this one, I used the fusible fabric stabilizer and the fabric blade and some woodsy-looking flannel.

Winter Pillow - McCall Manor

And then I ironed.

Yes, Kym (my college roommate that irons EVERYTHING–even kids clothes before they go to Disney for the day) I ironed.

It was tough, but I muscled through it. 😉

Winter Pillow - McCall Manor

I’m not one to decorate every room for Christmas, but I try to add a little kick here and there.

Winter Pillow - McCall Manor

Winter Pillow - McCall Manor

Winter Pillow - McCall Manor

This my kind of deer head project.  Nothing had to be aimed at, shot, and beheaded.

Actually I rarely have to behead anything for my projects. haha

Do you have a I’ll-get-to-it-when-I-have-a-great-idea pile?

If so, can I come shop it one day??

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*Waaay back when I was a child, we listened to a record that told the story and read a book that followed along at the same time (probably why I can multi-task today).  There would be a bell ding when the page was supposed to be turned.  Were you raised during that time? Kids these days have it way too easy!

**Affiliate links were used for your convenience.  I may receive a small commission if you click a link and make a purchase.  I only recommend products that I have used and enjoyed. :)

Hey Y’all!

Well this week was certainly a challenge to get through, but guess what… I did it, I did it, I did it!

There was a lot of prayer, very little sleep and I’m pretty sure I have arthritis.  But just when I do dishes.

So that must stop.

Oh, and I almost stepped on a mouse in our garage.  Might have been a rat. I alerted Mr. Creativity (who was in CA all week) that it was time to burn the house and move.

He suggested we clean out the garage this weekend and set some traps.  But just in case, I’ve been looking at houses.

Here’s the first one, a fixer upper in Georgia.  Your need to click on the picture to take the full tour.  That kitchen sink is a must have.  But alas, the house sold before I ever got to bid on it:

Can’t you just see me sitting on the front porch drinking sweet tea from a mason jar wearing green velvet curtains that have been made into a dress?

Yeah, I thought so.

This second one was such an exciting find for me personally. The designer is Landy Gardner from Nashville, TN.  I interned for him in college when finishing my degree.  It was a magical time for me.  I saw my first ombrè painted wall while working for him.

Oh my stars…mind blown.

Enjoy touring this house that he designed.

I’m pretty sure you can envision me sitting in that shiplap room on the bed working on my laptop and listening to country music (probably Rascal Flatts).

Oh and did I mention that I would be super cute and fit in both of these houses?

I started the 7 Minute Workout Challenge App on my phone this week.  That’s right, a whole 7 minutes a day.

Don’t judge me.

One of my trainers would have called this a prison workout (it can be done in a 7×7 cell with no weights).  7 Minute Workout Challenge sounds a bit less “Mama Tried” than prison workout, don’t you think?

If you start it, let me know.  I’d love to connect and we can encourage one another!

Well y’all, that’s a wrap for me.  I’ll let you know how the mouse hunt goes this weekend.

If you don’t hear from me again, just assume the mouse won.

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