Hey Y’all!

I can’t wait to share this fast and fun project with you today, but first I want to give a big virtual hug to the best husband the world has ever known.

Mr. Creativity has been MINE, ALL MINE for 19 years today and I can’t imagine life without this energetic/creative/loving/hot-as-fire/Godly man.  Thanks babe for our wonderful life together.  Here’s to many, many more years together! mmmmmwahhhh!

MM Painted Lampshade Label

Sorry y’all had to endure all the sappiness, but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.

On to our regularly scheduled programming: Making a lampshade un-ugly.

MM Painted Lampshade 1

Now you might be thinking, “Holly, that’s not so bad.  Why do you say it’s ugly?”  Well, dear friends it’s not.  But it wasn’t the right color for the room, therefore it was ugly in that space.

This shade is brand new.  It came with a lamp that I got on Target clearance for $13 (and I had a $5 off card…so basically it would have been wreckless of me to pass it up.)

You see, the Pretty Girl has a new room (we will share more on that as soon as all of the details are completed) and she needs more lighting and lighting can get expensive.

You know, she is a teenager now and with that come mascara and lipgloss.  So lighting is like, literally, totes important. 😉


MM Painted Lampshade 2

But the lampshade was oatmeal and her room didn’t approve.  If you have a room that doesn’t approve of a lampshade you have chosen, here is what you do:  Paint it.

Yep, you heard me.

Steps to take:

1. Wet it with water (pic above).

2. Paint with diluted paint (pic below).

3. Drink some coffee.

4. Put it on your lamp.

MM Painted Lampshade 3

For her room, I painted the shade white with black trim.  I didn’t go for perfection, because I wanted it to have a casual, artsy vibe.

Because she has become artsy. At least that’s what the comments say that she gets on Instagram.

And people only speak truth on Instagram.

MM Painted Lampshade 4

As you can see, the watered down paint gives the shade almost a water color effect.

And what’s more artsy than water color?

If you are going for a ‘perfect’ look, just add a second coat.  Be sure to spray the fabric with water in between coats.

MM Painted Lampshade 5

I think the room finally approves.

This lamp is like, literally, totes adorbs.

MM Painted Lampshade 6

Do you have a lampshade that could use a little love?  If you try this out, let me know!  If you have done it in the past, send me a pic!

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Hey Y’all,

Let’s discuss something that is real in all of our lives. This is serious.  Let’s don’t start judging here.

Okay, so YOU may be living in a mansion or in a floating cloud castle, but the rest of us live in the real world.

And the real world gives us tiny bathrooms.

Sometimes the real world gives us teeny tiny bathrooms.

MM Guest Bath Before 1

This is our guest bath.  It is upstairs by the guest room and right off of the kids play room.  I try to only go up there to get it ready for company (which in Florida is pretty regularly).

It hasn’t gotten ANY attention since we moved in almost 9 years ago.  So compared to my master bedroom which just got it’s 4th makeover (yes, I do realize that is ridiculous), this room definitely is due for some attention.

MM Guest Bath Before 2

Everything in here is fine.  There is no ‘gasp’ when people come to visit.  That is why it has been ignored while the rest of the house got some love.

But now it is finally time.  We need to dote on this little well-used space.  Our company deserves to feel special (because they are!).

And frankly, I like to change things up <grin>

MM Guest Bath Before 3

As any good home decorator would do, I took to Pinterest for some inspiration.  Boy did I find it.  I can’t wait to get going now because of  ideas like this one from 320 Sycamore.


Don’t you feel like you would probably take your coffee up here and have your morning quiet time seated outside the door looking in?

ME TOO! That’s why we are BFFs.

This one from Crafting in the Rain takes a bold approach with their striped shower curtain.

And I’m loving it.

Go bold or go home.


The last one might be my favorite.  It is from AKA Designs. I love the vintage industrial look that this one has.

So. Very. Cool.

Can I get an Amen?


I can’t wait to get started on this bathroom.  I think Mr. Creativity has some work in store for the weekends to come…I don’t want him to get bored.

Do you have a small bathroom that needs some attention?  What are your main concerns?  Have you just recently worked some magic on one?  I would LOVE to hear about it.


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Hey y’all!

A while back I shared this clock face project with Ashley over at 3 Little Greenwoods. Ashley has become one of my blog friends because of our, well, blogs and I think she is incredibly talented. Thank you Ashley for letting me visit!

McCall Manor Clock Face from Spool

So today, I want to share with you this fun/quick/inexpensive project that anyone can do. This could be considered an upcycle or maybe even a roadside rescue. One of my favorite pastimes is going through my neighborhood looking for goodies on trash day.

MM Clock Face Before 1

Yes, I am that neighbor.  But I think every neighborhood needs one.

McCall Manor Spool Clock Face

I have gotten this reputation honestly.

Wednesday mornings are large-item trash days and instead of just walking those mornings, I go ‘shopping’.

McCall Manor Spool Clock Face

I have found a table, planters, wire baskets, a book case and a host of other goodies.  All in great condition.

For. Free.

McCall Manor Spool Clock Face

So, yes, I will take the title of neighborhood crazy trash lady.

Mother Earth, you’re welcome.

McCall Manor Spool Clock Face

With this reputation comes perks (beyond saving the Earth).  I now have people shopping their neighborhood (or in this case, work) trash for me.

MM Clock Face 5

My friend Kristy has a wonderful husband that brings me these old electrical spools that are no longer needed at his workplace.  Score one for the trash lady.

McCall Manor Spool Clock Face

So I’m here to challenge you.  The next time you see something that still has value sitting in your neighbor’s trash or hanging out by the dumpster at work…GO GET IT!

Mother Earth will thank you.

McCall Manor Spool Clock Face

If you came here for a tutorial for this clock face and are feeling let down, head over to 3 Little Greenwoods for all of the steps.  Tell Ashley I sent you!


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PS-Don’t forget to cast your vote on the paint colors for my secretary.  I’m heading to get paint soon!


Hey Y’all!

I am so excited to try something out with you.  You are the guinea pig.

You are the beta test.

You are first.

I’m sure you won’t steer me in the wrong direction.

I have complete faith in you.  I trust you.

But just in case, I have final veto.  I mean I have to live with your choices, you don’t.

So here it is, my challenge to you:

Decide how you would choose to do this furniture makeover.

You can go bold or safe, but remember it is going in a southern traditional home that sometimes thinks outside the box.

MM secretary base before label

Now, before you go all furniture-hugger on me, it WILL be painted.  I love stained wood and don’t think that every piece of furniture should be painted.  I still haven’t even walked by the armoire with even a thought of painting (self-control baby).

I paid $40 for it from an online yard sale (my friend Stacey was kind enough to alert me to this–she may or may not be emptying out her mini-van to come and steal this from me as we speak).

MM Secretary base before 1

I just thought it would be fun to hear what your thoughts are on this one. So don’t let me down.  I know you have opinions and I know they are good ones.

MM secretary base before 3

What color/colors should I paint this baby?

Would you go with white all over?

Black with a bold color on the inside?

MM Secretary base before 2

Would you paint the outside and leave the inside of the desk as is?

Would you paint the body of it and leave the drawer fronts stained?

MM secretary base before 4

This secretary is just screaming for some attention.  I’m hoping you will give her some.

I am getting paint tomorrow, so don’t dawdle.  I need your thoughts ASAP, so reveal your opinion in a comment below.

I can’t wait to hear what y’all come up with!


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Hey Y’all,

I have an easy breezy sewing project for you today.

As I was making a few new patio pillows last week, I thought this is such an easy way to get your feet wet in sewing!  So if you are apprehensive about fabric, needles, and thread–fear no more, this is your lucky day.

MM Envelope Pillow 8

The hardest part is picking out your fabric.  Seriously, I could spend all day at JoAnns in the fabric section.

I remember when I was probably 4 or 5 spending an eternity (like a whole hour) at a fabric store with my mom.  To keep myself busy and not get ‘the look’ from my mom or the clerks, I had to find a way to entertain myself–because looking at fabric was oh so borrrrrinnnnnng. The best day of my childhood was when I realized they had a gumball machine.

MM Envelope Pillows 7

Every now and then mom would take pity on me and give me a dime for a piece of gum. The joy that one piece of gum would bring was unbelievable…until the flavor was gone.  I was in a happy place for all of 5 minutes.  The rest of the time I would turn the knob and lift the metal flap hoping it would magically start spitting out gum even though I had no more money.  I truly thought if I checked under that flap a just ONE MORE TIME that there would actually be a big shiny ball of gum for me.  One day, gum appeared and I am pretty sure that was a gift from God.  To my mother.

MM Envelope Pillow 5

Enough about me though, this is about you learning to rock out some patio pillows while the kids are out of school.

Summon your inner Martha.

So, you have your fabric and your pillow insert (let’s pretend you got a 14″ square pillow).  Here are your fabric cuts:

envelope square

envelope back

You’ll notice that I didn’t add any extra fabric for seam allowance.

That’s right, I’m a rebel.

If your pillow form is really full and fluffy, you can make them slightly larger (14.5 x 14.5 and 14.5 x 10.5).

Now that your fabulous fabric is cut, you’ll take the 2 pieces that are 14 x 10 and fold one of the 14″ sides over to make a hem.  Like this:

MM Envelope Pillow 1

Now, assuming that you have made a hem on each of your rectangle pieces (14×10), lay your square piece (14×14) with the right side of the fabric facing up.  Then taking your 14×10 rectangles, lay them right sides down on top of the square with the hems overlapping in the center.

*In the picture above I have the square laying face up under one of the rectangles which is laying face down. In the picture below I place the other rectangle piece on the very top of that stack with the right side facing down.*

Are you thoroughly lost? I didn’t think so, you are a mack daddy.

MM Envelope Pillow 2

Then pin those three pieces of fabric together and sew around the outside edges.  Sew in one big square.  That’s it.

You can now clip your corners.

MM Envelope Pillow 3

Then turn the pillow case inside out and stuff it with your insert.  So easy.

MM Envelope Pillows 9

Did you grow up going to the fabric store with your mom?  If so, do you love sewing now or hate it?  I’m pretty sure the gumball machine is the only reason I’m sewing today.

It’s the best 10 cents my mom ever spent.


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Guess who has fun pictures for you today!  Sit down, grab some coffee and (hopefully) enjoy.

MM Table Rescue After

Remember last week when I finally crawled out from under a rock and shared with you all about a table that I rescued from a  storage building snake pit?  Here she is with the dirt knocked off, but not a stitch of make-up on.

Side Table Before Pic

She is the ‘girl with the great personality’.  You know what I mean, right?

Like Anne Hathaway in Princess Diaries when she is getting the royal makeover.  When she first sits down in the chair, her hair is frazzled, her eyebrows have taken over her forehead and her nails are chewed to the quick.

Well that was my girl here.  She has the best personality of any side table I’ve ever met–and I have met a few.

MM Table Rescue After 1

I decided to strip the top and see what the wood looked like under the old stain.  There are a few dark places from who knows what, but other than that it was in pretty good shape.  I stained it with dark walnut from Minwax and sealed with 3 coats of water-based poly.

MM Table Rescue After 3

Look at the gorgeous edges!  I’m telling you, this has got to be one of my all-time favorite pieces.

MM Table Rescue After  2

On the legs, apron and gingerbreading I decided to try milk paint (Miss Mustard Seed in Boxwood) over the coat of hemp oil that I originally rubbed on her.  I knew in some places that the oil was absorbed enough to allow the paint to sink in.  But others places I was hoping for some paint to chip off.

To seal the paint against stains and more chipping, I rubbed on more hemp oil.

MM Table Rescue After 4

I love how it turned out.  If you don’t like shabby furniture, first–why are you my friend?  And second–avert your eyes, there is a whole lot of chippy-ness here.

For the rest of you, just feast your eyes on this lovely lady.

MM Table Rescue After 5

MM Table Rescue After 6

MM Table Rescue After 7

MM Table Rescue After 8

As for where this lovely lady will be in our home, I still don’t know.  I have a few ideas, but that will require me either buying new sofas or painting a room.  😉

I’m pretty sure Mr. Creativity just rolled his eyes.


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Hey Guys, remember me?  No?

Well, I’m the person that rambles on and on over here then decides to go stealth mode on vacation. Sorry, about that.

But I haven’t forgotten about you.  You all have been on my mind lately.

McCall Manor Table Rescue

You see, my kids don’t really seem to care whether I find an old, crusty, abandoned, chewed-on, forgotten-about table at our family farmhouse.  They could care less whether I paint it or stain it.  They really don’t even notice if I style it nicely or just throw magazines and a box of tissues on it.

They are precious and I would throw myself in front of a bus to save them…but they don’t care about my projects like you do.

So I wanted to show you the before pics of this table today as a little incentive to forgive me for my absence.

McCall Manor Table Rescue

Over Christmas break we spent time in Tennessee with the fam.  Mr. Creativity’s family has a farmhouse that dates back to pre-Civil War times.  We love getting out and exploring around there.  We check out the barns, ponds, abandoned roads/paths, and the endless fields and woods.  The kids love it!  I love it in the winter.

Summer brings snakes.

I don’t do snakes.

McCall Manor Table Rescue

In fact, the reason I found this table just now is because of a snake.  The last time I almost ventured into the little storage building where this baby was residing my husband found a giant snake resting ON TOP OF THE DOOR FRAME.

So no, I waited a good 5 years and tried it out for myself in the dead of winter.

Momma didn’t raise no dummy.

MM Table Rescue 2

This gorgeous side table was sitting near the back of the room pretty much covered with dirt. Notice the dirt dauber nest in the above pic.  Bless it.

You can tell she was a beauty at one point in her life.  Then squirrels started chewing on her.

Haven’t we all felt that way?

McCall Manor Table Rescue

I put a coat of hemp oil on her to see if that would help.  It did, but I’m not a fan of the red tones that showed up.  So, there will be stripping and painting in my future once again. <feigns disappointment>

Hopefully that was enough to make you all forgive me for my absence.  Friends again?

I’ll have the after pics in a couple of days, no joke.


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If your kids are not out of school yet, this post is for you. You awesome mom that is still trying to figure out end-of-year gift for her kid’s teachers.  You beautiful mom that is still getting up to make breakfast and pack lunches.  You patient mom that is still encouraging kids to keep reading and doing homework.  You precious mom that is still getting kids to go to bed even when the sun is still visible. Bless your hearts.  You deserve to be promoted.  You deserve the trophy on awards day.  You rock.

If your kids are already out of school, I have nothing further to say to you.

MM Dollar Store Gift Tags Label 2

Can you tell which category I am in?  Yes, we have 4.5 days.  Yes, I want that trophy.

So here is a fun little project that is sure to make you look like you have it all together.  People will say “how do you find the time to make gift tags?” or “You must have more hours in you day than I have in mine”.  Or they might even say “You know they make gift tags that you can just WRITE the name on”.

You can just shrug your shoulders, smile and think of the 5 minutes you spent on this project.

MM Dollar Store Gift Tags 1

These gift tags were in the Dollar Spot at Target and I just couldn’t pass them up.  I figured that they could be used any time of the year.  (anyone related to me, you’ll get yours at Christmas)

MM Dollar Store Gift Tags 2

I have used this set of metal stamps before when I made the coin necklace.  I borrow this stamp set from my neighbor each time I have a little project.  One of these days I’ll buy my own, but as long as she doesn’t mind…

If your neighbor doesn’t have a set (or is unwilling to share) you can get a set at craft stores or online.

MM Dollar Store Gift Tags 7

Gently tap the letters onto the tag.  Then take chalk ink and fill in each letter.  Just wipe the excess away and the ink will stay down in the punched letter.

MM Dollar Store Gift Tags 8

MM Dollar Store Gift Tags 9

MM Dollar Store Gift Tags 3

MM Dollar Store Gift Tags 4

MM Dollar Store Gift Tags 5

MM Dollar Store Gift Tags 6

See, how easy??

Hang in there mom.  You got this.  You can make it to the end.  Finish strong.  Remember, your reward at the end is 3 months of kids being home every single day…wait, what?


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The other day I was be-bopping my way to drop the kids at school and noticed a neighbor had thrown out a perfectly good (but ugly) bookcase. My kids rolled their eyes as I pulled over quickly and hopped out to snag it.

MM bookcase rescue Label

There were actually 2 bookshelves in the pile of trash, but one was pressed wood with a laminate veneer.  It was not worth saving in my opinion.  But this little shelf had a sweet personality that was hiding behind an orange stain color.

MM Bookshelf Rescue 4

No one really enjoys orange stain.  People, let’s not make this mistake in the future.  It only leads to landfill overcrowding.

And deep, deep regret.

MM Bookshelf Rescue 7

The first step for this makeover was to sand it down slightly just to clean off the dirt and smooth some of the roughness away.  Since I was using chalk paint I didn’t do a thorough job of sanding, that’s my favorite reason for using this medium.

There was a laminate piece that was heavily glued to the top.

MM Bookshelf Rescue 6

Using a hammer and a putty knife I was able to pry it off in one piece.

MM Bookshelf Rescue 5

Yes, my thumb is double jointed.  Don’t hate.

MM Bookshelf rescue 3

I added feet by drilling holes into the bottom of the bookcase.  These came from Lowe’s and are just the perfect size for this piece.

MM Bookcase rescue 2

The body of the bookcase is painted with white and the back of it is painted with a turquoise to go with the pretty girl’s room.  I was planning on this being hers, but she has her own opinion about what goes in her lair…teenagers…

MM bookshelf rescue 1

So I will be selling this.  Since I only have $22 invested in this makeover, I think it will be fairly easy to find a new home for this cutie.

Maybe I’ll see if my neighbor wants to buy it back!


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Remember back in JANUARY when I made a check list for redecorating my master bedroom?

Well, It is FINISHED!

MM Master Bedroom Label

I think I might just be the slowest home decorator on the face of the planet.  But somehow I got it finished and there were no tears of anguish like when I did the kitchen chairs refinishing project.  I don’t think my psyche could have could have handled that.

Here is what it looked like before:

MM Master Bedromm Before 1

MM 3 drawer chest before

MM Master Bedroom Before 2

Thank you 2007 for your aqua and brown combo, you can have it back now. We are all finished with the ‘I’m so fancy that I can even pull off dressing up the color aqua’ look.  I am sure we will try it again in another 20 years when our children have forgotten your horrors and tell us it really can work. #notfallingforit

Anyhoooo, back to our regularly scheduled programming…

I have already shared some of my makeovers with you, so we will do a recap.

The milk paint dresser makeover:

MM Milk Piant Dresser 8

The spray lacquer bench makeover:

MM Amy Howard Bench Makeover

The one-step paint chest makeover:

MM Amy Howard ombre chest 3The ship lap wall:

MM ship lap

My favorite change after the shiplap wall (because it doesn’t get any more fabulous than shiplap – amiright?) is the headboard cover.

MM Master Bedroom 3

Mom and I made the linen covers and my neighbor embroidered the monogram for me.  She does a fabulous job. If you need something embroidered, you can reach her here.

MM Master Bedroom 1

By the way, she also embroidered the bolster cover that I made.  I took 2 years of high-school french and I can tell you with 98% certainty that it says ‘good night’.  Some where Miss Weems is smiling and remembering the joys of teaching kids from Alabama to speak proper French.

Good times, good times.

MM Master Bedroom 8

The decorative wood piece above the bed is actually a piece from the armoire in our living room.  Before you start hyperventilating, it is not damaged in any way.  This piece just sat on top of the armoire and was held in place by matching up pegs with holes.  I have never attached it to the armoire because I like it’s simplicity without this piece.  But I love it by itself, so this seemed like the perfect spot.

Master Bedroom 6

Isn’t it gorgeous?  The carved details are imperfect since it was done by hand.  Swoon.

MM Mater Bedroom

See the coverlet at the foot of the bed?  You can blame this whole makeover on that one item.  I found it at a yard sale for $15 and knew it had to be used in the MBR.  So it sat in my closet for 9 months.

See I told you that I was the slowest in the world.

Okay, so I will just leave you with some other photos of the room.  It was clean and my memory card was empty, so you get to see lots of pics.  This is the way the world works people.

MM Master Bedroom 14

MM Master Bedroom 13

MM Master Bedroom 12

MM Master Bedroom 11

MM Master Bedroom 10

MM Master Bedroom 9

MM Master Bedroom 7

Well that’s all of it.  If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you!!


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