Y’all, I cannot wait to sing to you the praises of this spray paint.

I know, I know.  You’re thinking “it’s SPRAY PAINT, why are you so excited?”

MM Bench beforeafter collage

Well, my friends, you’ll just have to read on…

MM Amy Howard Lacquer Paint 1

But first, I just want to calm down a few of you.  I have had several people reach out to me who are ready to see the room completed.


If I didn’t have to feed my family 3x’s a day and do 2,387 loads of laundry it would already be completed.  As it is, I have a couple of projects that I am tackling this week and hopefully before 2016 I will have this room completed.

Oh and just for kicks and giggles, we are redoing The Pretty Girl’s room.

Yes, we are crazy.

Please send help.

MM Before Bench

But for now, let me show you something you are going to want to know. How do I know you want to know? I don’t know, I just know, you know?

This bench that normally sits at the foot of our bed was spray painted by yours truly about 4 years ago.  I was on a spray paint kick and painted 5 or more pieces of furniture.  This bench being one of them.  It was red and I wanted to make it cream with a little aged look to it. So I painted it cream and then took some antiquing glaze to some of the crevices.

Long story short, the spray paint went on blotchy and the antiquing glaze went on muddy looking.  But for some reason, I just left it alone and used it anyway.  Normally there are laundry baskets, books, toys and various other things sitting on it, so you don’t really notice it.

MM Amy Howard Lacquer 3

Enter Amy Howard at Home Lacquer Spray Paint.  Y’all, this stuff is awesome.  No joke.

The first step is furniture lacquer primer that levels the surface and covers the ugliness caused by (ahem) glazing.


It looked 100% better with just the primer!

But then of course I got nervous that the spray paint would be blotchy like the last paint I used.  I am so excited about this paint because IT DOESN’T LOOK BLOTCHY!  With regular spray paint the paint comes out in a cone shape (think teepee).  So you get a thick line that has a definite edge at the top and bottom.

This spray nozzle is fanned out. Instead of a conical shape you get a flat triangle shape spray.  So you get ‘cleaner’ coverage with each pass.  Does that make any sense at all?  If you try it you’ll know what I mean.

MM Amy Howard Lacquer Paint 4

I chose the color LaGrange and I LOVE it.  It’s a dark grey with a slight green undertone.  After I painted it, I sealed it with Amy Howard Bright Idea clear lacquer.  It went on smoothly and gives a beautiful shine.

MM Amy Howard Bench Makeover

So there is another project in the books.  You’ll just have to trust me when I say, the bedroom reveal is coming.  But between now and then, I’ll be doing more laundry, more meals and LOTS more painting!


MM Sig



**Amy Howard at Home provided paint for this project.  However, thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.


Hello Lovely People!

I have been MIA lately (do you remember my check list? Well, it’s getting shorter!!) Plus this is my busiest time with my kiddo’s school.  It’s all good fun, but it keeps me from telling you all about my every move.

You might be jumping for joy about that…try to contain yourself please, you’re being rude.

Anyhoooo, I just had to hop on here and share with you a completed project in the master bedroom.

Remember the little 3-drawer chest?

MM Amy Howard ombre chest collage

Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonnnderrrful?

And Guess what!  I didn’t prime or sand before I painted.  I know, I know, you all have heard of the glories of chalk paint by now.  But there’s one more little tidbit about Amy Howard at Home One-Step Paint  that will make you sit up and take notice.

I didn’t have to seal it.

Right?!?!?  Are you doing the happy dance?  No waxing.  No lacquer.  No nothing.  Just paint and go.

MM Amy Howard Paint

How sweet is that?  And it’s all natural, so there are no odors. Which is a good thing when it’s raining cats and dogs outside forcing one to paint inside. :)

I decided to give this piece the ombré look since it is so hot right now.  Then if I ever get tired of it’s adorableness, I can just slap on a new coat of paint.  Easy Peasy!

MM Amy Howard ombre chest 6

MM Amy Howard ombre chest 5

TaDa! I just love the way she turned out.  She seemed a little tired and old before, but now she’s alive and kickin’.

Some days I wish I could slap on a coat of paint myself…

MM Amy Howard ombre chest 4

Right now I haven’t done any distressing to this little piece.  There may come a time when I can’t handle her perfection and want to rough up the paint a little, but for now I like her just the way she is.

These little knobs just seemed to have the right amount of distressed-ness (Merriam-Webster would be so proud) to give it the farmhouse look that I am after.

MM Amy Howard ombre chest 2

MM Amy Howard Ombre chest 8

MM Amy Howard ombre chest 3

Amy Howard at Home has a complete line of painting products.  Not only that, but she also has mirror antiquing products.  Ummmm, yes please!

If you haven’t checked out Amy Howard at Home products, you should.

Don’t worry about laundry, shopping, or cooking for the next hour or so.

You have projects that need attention.


MM Sig



**Amy Howard at Home provided paint for this project.  However, thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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A few years ago our family and some of our friends started making a God list instead of doing resolutions.  I used to always make my resolutions and then promptly (by about January 23) forget that I had made them.

Honestly, I am not sure that I’ll ever learn French even though it was on many of my resolution lists over the years.

So just what is this God list??

MM God List title

It’s a list of goals you would like to reach that you absolutely know there’s no way you could reach without God.

We shoot for the moon on ours.  It is amazing what God will do when you humble yourself and ask Him.

Top of our list every year is a happy family.  That is something that we can’t do on our own.

The world is too close.  It wants to creep into our house.

But God has covered us every time we have asked Him.

easter 2  2014

The world wants me to show disrespect to my husband–God shows me a caring and loving man that does everything in his power to make us happy.

The world wants me to give my kids everything to make them happy–God shows me happy children playing in the yard with friends.

The world wants me to make more money, wear better clothes and have more ‘me’ time–God shows me that I’m happier when I don’t focus on myself.

I am so grateful for every answered prayer.  Sometimes it’s not the answer I wanted or just KNEW should happen.  But 100% of the time it has been the answer that was needed.  I have never looked back and thought that God missed an opportunity.  Or gave the wrong answer.  Or didn’t answer me in some way.

I am sharing my printout with you today in hopes that you will join me and see how God answers you.

He loves you.

He delights in you.

He created you.

Don’t you think he wants to hear from you?

The verse at the bottom of this page is 1Peter 5:6-7 which states

So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor. Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.

I would love it if you would keep me posted from time to time on what God is doing in your life.  I will do the same with you.


MM Sig

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It is time.

Yes, the time is nigh.

Eat your Wheaties and LET THE PROJECTS BEGIN!

The master bedroom at the manor is in need of a makeover…for the 3rd time in 8 years.

Mr. Creativity is soooo excited.

Knowing he wouldn’t like for me to tell him every detail of what to do, I made a pretty list that we can check off.

MM Master Bedroom Check ListWasn’t that sweet of me?? ;)

I think I’ll start with the 3 drawer chest that is on my side of the bed.

MM 3 drawer chest before

It is a simple 3 drawer chest that was given to me by my brother and sister-in-law several years ago.  The drawers slide easily and it is in really good shape.  It’s just screaming for a facelift.

MM 3 drawer chest before 2

You hear it too?  I knew you would.

The plan for the room is to go lighter and softer.  Whites, greys, blues, and greens.  I am planning on bring in lots of texture to keep it from getting boring.

So that is my plan, let’s see if we stick to it.

Do you have a 2015 To Do list?  Is yours a mile long? What are you tackling first?

I would love to hear from you, if I’m not alone in this!

As an incentive to get you going, download a Check List of your own.  Your husband will thank you for it…


MM Sig


Hey Y’all, happy new year!  I hope you were able to celebrate with friends and family like we did.

MM Family Christmas 2014

I’ve been slowly coming out from under the holiday rock.  The boys including Mr. Creativity came back from Tennessee sick, but our trip home was totally worth it.

We started out the trip in Tennessee but for Christmas Eve we traveled to Alabama to visit my grandmother.

She still reads ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas” to all of the grands and great-grands and has since before I was born. Her voice isn’t as strong as it once was, but the sparkle in her eye and her quick wit are still in tact.  Below is a picture of my sweet grandmother while she was reading the book (she had just cracked us all up and thoroughly enjoyed it)

MM Twas 2014

While we were in Tennessee we stayed with Mr. Creativity’s parents.  They live out in the country and we love getting to roam through the woods and look at his family’s old (by old I mean ‘pre-civil war’ old) farmhouse.  It is always a highlight to get to spend time out there.  The colors and textures are such a contrast to Florida, so I had to get my camera out and take pictures for you.

MM Tennessee beauty 1

MM Tennessee beauty 2

MM Tennessee beauty 3

MM Tennessee beauty 4

 This trip around the farm had a lot of adventure packed into it.  We had deer poachers (horrid), we found old furniture (yippee), and we rode through the woods at break-neck speed in a mule (yeehaw).  There is never a dull moment out in the country.

Or with these people…

MM Family Christmas 2015

Coming up soon, I have a lot of fun projects and ideas for you.  2015 should be tons of fun.  Thank you for making 2014 an amazing year.  You all are the absolute best!


MM Sig




Oh, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday wherever you live!  The McCall Family had the best time going to Tennessee and Alabama for the holidays.  It was so nice to reconnect with family and friends.  They are the people that make my world spin.

MM Friends 2014

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Have you ever noticed that you find treasures you just can’t live without when you shop for OTHER people at Christmas? A friend and I went antiquing the other day and almost couldn’t fit our finds in the car.

MM Sap Bucket Square label

Everywhere I turned it was like the antiquing angel was following us and showing off.

I love that little angel.

MM Sap Bucket 1

These little sap buckets were part of the find that day.

I bought one for myself and a couple as a gift.

MM Sap Bucket 5

They were screaming for a little Christmas tree and some burlap.

If you listen, you can probably hear them through your screen. ;)

I drilled a few holes for drainage and found a cute little tree at Target of all places!

MM Sap Bucket 4

MM Sap Bucket square

There is a little hole in each of the buckets that I am assuming was to hang it on the tree while it was collecting sap.

MM Sap Bucket 3

But I grew up in the south and we don’t collect sap, so who knows…

MM Sap Bucket 2

See, I told you that little angel was showing off.

Now if only the gift wrapping angel would just show off a bit…


MM Sig

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While I was dressing up the house for Christmas it became painfully obvious that I decorate with red.  Lots of red.  So much so that I’m afraid to let friends with dye allergies come inside the house.

MM no-sew poinsettia pillow 2 label

This little project was not going to have a smidge of red even if it killed me.  Although you could use red felt on a cream colored background–just don’t tell me if you make one because I might cry a little.

To make this super-fast no-sew throw pillow you need

1. Felt

2. Hot glue gun

3.  Pillow insert

4. Scissors

5.  10 minutes

MM Poinsettia pillow 2

Cut your felt 4-5 inches larger than your pillow measurements.  Mine was a 14″ square pillow so I cut my felt into 19″ squares.

MM Poinsettia Pillow 3

I drew a line 2.5″ from the edge all the way around on one piece of the felt and then followed that line one side at a time with hot glue.  I did one edge at a time so that the glue wouldn’t cool before I got the second piece of felt placed.

After doing that on 3 sides, stuff your pillow form in and close with hot glue.

MM Poinsettia Pillow 4

Now, from here you can add your design.

I chose a poinsettia, but you could go in any direction.

I cut mine with my Silhouette (shocker) and just hot glued it in place.

MM no-sew Poinsettia Pillow

MM no-sew poinsettia pillow 3

MM no-sew poinsettia pillow 2

There you have it.  A no-sew pillow to help you brighten (or tone down) your holiday decor.

What do you think?

Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win your very own Silhouette machine!


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I should be shopping.  I should be cooking.  I should be wrapping.

I probably should be doing something else, but I’ve totally forgotten what that was.

But instead, I’m playing.

PicMonkey Collage Label

I went to hang my wreaths and they just looked, well, like wreaths.

Nothing fantastic.  Not bad, but not fantastic.

 And let’s face it, sometimes you need a little fantastic in your life.

These wreaths have a lot of woodsy features, so I took that as my cue.

Now, here in Florida, our woods are filled with bobcats, panthers, wild boar, and if there is water you can even find a gator or 2.

Since none of those animals just scream ‘Christmas’ to me,  I went with an antlered deer.

I went to the Silhouette online store and found this beauty.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 7.50.43 AM

Using the cut tool, I shaved off the parts that I didn’t want.

MM Deer Head cut tool

I sized it to fit my boards and then used the offset tool to do an internal offset.  Why?  Because I wanted it to be FANTASTIC.  Keep up.

MM Deer Head Offset info

With the offset dialed up to .o95″ you get a nice little outline edge.

MM Deer head ungroup button

I separated the images and cut the outer image from cardstock.  This made a stencil for my background paint.

The inner image was cut from scrapbook paper and modpodged onto the painted background which I painted with some MMSMP boxwood paint.

This color is just scrumptious and perfect for this wreath.

MM Reindeer Collage

Since I have 2 front doors, I needed a mirror image of this little deer.

MM deer head mirror image

There you have it!  Fantasticness at the front door (if I do say so myself).

MM Deer Silhouette 1

MM Deer Silhouette square



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Silhouette Giveaway!


And I’ve saved the best for last. My Silhouette Challenge buddies in partnership with Silhouette America are hosting a mega-huge giveaway for not one…but two winners! The prizes up for grabs?

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Second prize: Silhouette Portrait Machine and Rhinestone Starter Kit! $219.98 value.

Pretty sweet, huh? We want you to have the chance to get that Silhouette machine that might still be on your wish list.

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When I was little my family took a trip to California.  In a station wagon.

With faux-wood siding.

It was just like the Brady family.  Except for the fact that it wasn’t over in 30 minutes. And we didn’t get in trouble in an old ghost town.

MM Candy House 4

 I thought our trip was for us to go and see part the country that we hadn’t seen before.  Which it was.

But what we didn’t see at the time was that this trip was also about family bonding.  If we had known that, it would have been harder to get us into the car.

Why is that?

MM Candy House 3

Family bonding sounds like work.  It sounds like something only a trained therapist can help you understand.  It sounds like something you would need to have special t-shirts printed for so you could commemorate that you had BONDED.

It sounds forced.

But piled into a station wagon with a cooler in the back for snacks and a tent as our shelter seemed like an adventure.  There was no force involved.

MM Candy House 5

All we remember is the laughter, millions of punch buggies, watermelon juice in Mexico and seeing the Grand Canyon (I was 12 at the time and proclaimed it a giant ditch and was ready to go in less than 5 minutes…ugh Holly, really?)

MM Candy house 1

This advent calendar is proving to be as helpful as that cross-country trip.

We had hot cocoa by candlelight the first night (the kids all named that as their favorite part of the day).

The second night we roasted marshmallows over a camp fire.

And December 3 was the day of the candy house.

The pretty girl was the ‘exterior designer’ for this project and helped the younger ones (plus our sweet little friend K joined in with us).  They did a fabulous job in my opinion.

It does a mom’s heart good to see her children working together and hearing them bond over silly things (like using green skittles for ‘shrubs’).

MM Candy House 2

 We aren’t perfect, but we are working everyday to be the kind of family that could ride in a station wagon for days on end and still love each other.


MM Sig

Don’t forget about the Silhouette sale that is going on through December 8!  Use code: MCCALL to get the savings!

MM FB Silhouette 3 2014