Hey Y’all!  I have a treat for you!  Christina from Sweet Haute is going to be sharing with you today.  She has a delightful blog that you should check out!  Now, I’ll let her do the talking.  :)
Hello, I’m Christina visiting from the SWEET HAUTE Blog, where I write about ‘La Dolce Vita,’ which means…the sweet life. You can find various DIY Home Lifestyle ideas and fun tips there at my blog. I’m happy to be here today with a Guest Post that is a quick and easy Easter Bunting DIY Decor Project and it is handmade by using a beautiful simple Easter Egg and Cross theme.
Here are some fun templates and FREE printables to help you make some homemade DIY beauty this Easter using inexpensive materials. I placed these paper crafts in my office windows but you can use them anywhere, it would look great as mantle decor or above a buffet station decorated for a gorgeous and amazing Easter Dinner.
Have fun with it:)
 Dress up those plain windows at the office:)
Great DIY ideas to make your Easter Holiday personalized and homemade:)
Cardstock / Scrapbook Paper
Ball Trim
Mini Clothes Pins
Doilies- paper
Contact Paper- optional
Washi Tape



Scissors / Cutting Machine
Glue Dots
Step 1:
Print out your templates and trace onto card stock.
Create with your craft cutting machine.
Step 2:
Decorate your cross shapes, and egg shapes with contact paper (I used clear with polka dots) and colorful Washi Tape.
Step 3:
Secure doilies on the back of each egg with glue (I used glue dots) and make sure place glue on doily…not egg, you want to glue the doily ‘paper’ instead of the holes in doily. Adhere together and let the glue cure.
Step 4:
Next, strip up your bunting line (I used ball trim) yet ribbon, jute, or rick-rack will work too.
I used Washi tape to hang on window glass in some spots to make it decorative.
Step 5:
Finally, hang up your eggs and crosses. Use mini clothes pins to hang eggs, you may want to secure eggs with tape once your have them placed in case they are too heavy.
Happy Easter…enjoy!
Use colorful Washi Tape to decorate the crosses.
 Use card stock with delightful Spring colors.
Check out my other post about my Bunny Cotton Tail Banner too!
~Be SweetChristinaSWEET HAUTE ‘La Dolce Vita’….the sweet lifeSUBSCRIBE | and follow @SWEET HAUTE 

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So, I have been MIA lately due to a school trip and spring break being back to back.  It has been fun, but it’s back to reality for us.

Our spring break was spent swimming, watching movies and taking a quick trip to one of our favorite cities.


Have you been to Charleston, SC?  Did you know that it has been chosen as the top city in America to visit and 2nd in the world?

Yep.  You need to go.


MM Charleston Trip 8

The city is rich in history, scenery, food, and culture.  Just walking around you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. From the cobblestone streets to the architecture, it all speaks to a time long ago.

MM Charleston Trip 7

We spent our day strolling through the streets with the kids and some of our long time friends.

It was a perfect day (other than being a little chilly).

MM Charleston Trip 10

I’ll stop talking now and leave you with some of the pictures that I snapped.

Charleston makes it easy to take good pics…

MM Charleston Trip 9

MM Charleston Trip 3

MM Charleston Trip 5

MM Charleston Trip 6

MM Charleston Trip 2

MM Charleston Trip 11

MM Charleston Trip 12

I can’t wait to share what we found regarding our family there.  Stay tuned!


MM Sig

Do you remember about 1,000 years ago when I mentioned that I am fixing up my master bedroom?  Well, we are one step closer to letting you see everything. But for now, I’ll show you the biggest project that I needed to tick off my list.

I am so completely thrilled to tell you that I SURVIVED THIS DRESSER MAKEOVER!

I was worried.   This is a big piece and I had very little time to work on it.  I also wanted to give it some interest instead of painting it one flat color.

MM Dresser Makeover Label

But I’m thrilled with how it now looks.

Here is a before shot:

MM Master Bedroom Before 2

It was huge, black and had bad gold accents.  The only thing that I liked about it was that it had good bones.

I loved it immeasurably more even after the base coat of chalk paint.  It took the ‘weight’ out of the piece.  Then, when the milk paint went on with all of its variations and texture, I fell in love.  At the same time, the details started being more apparent.  Look at how the drawers are trimmed and look at the fluting on the side right below the leafy detail.  They all just seemed to jump out at me once the piece was painted a creamy white.

MM milk paint dresser before

Remember when I  painted the sconces and showed you each step?  I did the exact same steps on this piece.  Below you can see the ‘fly-specking’ on the top drawer and the antiquing glaze on the bottom drawer.  These are two separate steps.

Now, before you get all “I have no clue how to do any of this, so I’m just not going to try”, let me be clear–None of these steps are hard.

I took this piece and did one or two steps a day.  Break it down for yourself so that you don’t get A) sore and B) distraught.

MM Milk Paint dresser before 2

There is always a point in a big project where I feel like there is NO WAY this piece will turn out right.  At that point, it’s best to lay down the brush and go to bed (generally that point hits when I’m up past my bedtime).  Everything seems possible after a good night’s sleep.

MM Milk Paint Dresser 2

I hand-painted some detail on the sides and on the drawer fronts.  If I can do this, you can do this.  I don’t even draw stick figures, so there is no ‘artist’ in me.

MM Milk Paint Dresser 4

MM Dresser Makeover 9

MM Milk Paint Dresser 5

The top of the piece, I left alone.  It is a warm wood tone, that is in good condition.  I love the contrast between the light paint and the dark wood.

MM Milk Paint Dresser Top

MM Milk Piant Dresser 8

The Toscana milk paint that I used is from Amy Howard at Home.  She has a fabulous line of colors to choose from.  The creamy white that I used is called ‘Strasbourg White’ and the blue is ‘Cote d’ Azure’.  I used the antiquing glaze and wax finishes from AH@H as well.

Do you have a piece of furniture that needs a little love?  Instead of replacing it, just find a way to update it.

And as Amy Howard says “Enjoy the bragging rights!”


MM Sig

Click on the links to see where I used AH@H spray lacquer, one-step paint and Toscana milk paint.

**The paint for this project was supplied by Amy Howard at Home, but the thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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Y’all I hate to brag, but I just have to.

You know that my husband works at Disney, right?  Don’t get excited, he doesn’t drive the monorail or anything.

He is a writer.

At Disney.

But that is not what I’m bragging about.

John's award 3

You know that I have dubbed my husband ‘Mr. Creativity’ on here (he rolled his eyes at me when I did that) but it really is true.  He is creative from the top of his head all the way down to his toenails.  His brain never stops. He writes circles around me.  He can take a non-event kind of day and weave a story so colorful about it that you feel like it could be made into a movie–one that makes you do the ugly cry or makes you laugh til you wet your pants.

He doesn’t do ordinary.

He doesn’t do half way.

John's award 2

Well today at the east coast/west coast town hall meeting he and one other were recognized as Walt Disney World Legacy Award winners.

My completely humble husband was caught off guard.  He had no clue that they were describing him as they were talking about attributes of the winner.

I love that about him.  He doesn’t sit with fingers crossed waiting for them to call his name.  He does what he loves, not for awards and recognition (don’t get me wrong, he loves knowing that people appreciate what he does) but he has found what he loves and he gets paid to do it.

So proud of you Mr. Creativity!

But remember, the trash goes out on Tuesday and Friday–don’t get too big for your britches.


MM Sig

Can you believe that Easter is just around the corner?  I feel like my Christmas decorations have only been put away for a day or two.

But none the less, it is almost here and I absolutely adore Easter.  Yes, all the pastel decorations are great and the Cadbury eggs are all I ever want in my Easter basket, but I truly love getting to discuss what Easter means with my kids.

MM He is Risen (square)

Just this afternoon Buster asked me “Mom, do you think God cried when Jesus died on the cross?”

Ummmmm, Really?

What 10 year old thinks about such things while eating chocolate ice cream?

MM He is Risen 2

My answer –very theological, mind you– “I don’t know bud.  But I can’t imagine He was happy.”  We went on to discuss how that must have hurt to see his only son die at the hands of people whom he was dying to save.  We know that the sky went dark, the earth quaked, rocks were split open, and the temple veil was torn.  But we also discussed how God must have rejoiced that Jesus loved us so much that he was willing to do this for us.

MM He is Risen 1

But the joy that we have as Christians comes 3 days after he dies.

I mean, ANYONE can die.

Not that I take it for granted, because he CHOSE to die for us.  But our joy comes from the fact that he rose 3 days later.

THAT comes from God alone.

In the verse that I chose for this printable, there are these 3 little words are the reason that I am a Christian.

These 3 little words speak of His holiness.

These 3 little words mean everything.

I hope that your Easter is full of joy and that you celebrate these 3 little words

…and that you get several Cadbury eggs in your basket. ;)


MM Sig



You’ve seen my #MakeIt project, now please visit some of the other wonderful blogger in this challenge and check out their beautiful Easter projects!

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I am sure you all enjoyed getting to hear from Rachel earlier this week!  She is a doll.  But now it’s back to regular old me.

Sorry, not so sorry.

I shared on Tuesday over at Gingerly Made how I made a faux ironstone plate–I hope you visited her blog, she’s very talented and completely adorable.  But I thought I would share with you how I made the little rosemary wreath that was hanging on it.

MM Rosemary Wreath 10

We have a rosemary bush tree in our back yard that has taken over.  It has grown from a small potted plant to a tree that fills an entire corner of our yard.  Some days I want to light it on fire. Some days it comes in handy.

Today was a handy day.

MM rosemany wreath 1

I gathered a few of the more pliable twigs, some floral wire, twine and wire cutters.  My hands were smelling delicious and I felt a little like Martha Stewart (in her pre-incarceration days).

MM Rosemary wreath 2

I made a perfect circle, but messed it up so that you wouldn’t feel inadequate ;)

then pre-cut several pieces of twine so that they were handy to grab.

MM Rosemary Wreath 3

Then it’s just a matter of tying on the rosemary in several places to make it conform.

MM Rosemary Wreath 4

Make sure the knots and the wire are on the ‘back’ side of the rosemary.

MM Rosemary Wreath 5

MM Rosemary Wreath 6

Trim the excess twine and hang.  These little wreaths not only bring in a little green splash, but also make your house smell like a gourmet cook lives there.

MM Rosemary Wreath 7

MM Rosemary Wreath 8

MM Rosemary Wreath 9

I found these antique wire baskets this weekend at Renninger’s flea market (oh my gracious it was fun!) These came from a booth called Olde Tyme Marketplace.  They were so friendly and they have such cool stuff!  You’ll get to see a few more items in the months to come.

MM Rosemary Wreath 11

MM Rosemary Wreath 12

Now that you know how to make them you’re welcome to come by and take a small tree off my hands (please, oh please!).


MM Sig

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Hey lovely people!

I have a treat for you today.  You don’t have to listen to me!!!

My kids would be so happy…

Anyway, The completely talented Rachel from her blog Craving Some Creativity (love that name!) is sharing with us.

Don’t think that I am just lying around eating bonbons though, I’m sharing with my Ginger’s readers over at Gingerly Made.  So sit back and soak this up, then head over there to see more fun!


Chalkboard Final

Hello! I am so excited to be here guest posting for such a wonderfully creative and talented lady as Holly. I’m Rachel from Craving some Creativity and I am here to share a tutorial for a menu chalkboard that I created for my kitchen.

Chalkboard Before Frame

I love to DIY pretty much anything I can. I can often be found at stores snapping a picture of something I could make for so much cheaper (and in the right color). For the past several months, we have been renovating our kitchen and I knew I wanted a chalkboard on the wall. I happened to stumble across this shadowbox from HomeGoods for a nice $18 and it was perfect. Not to sound cliché, but this was calling out to me!

Chalkboard Scraping

The first step was to remove the burlap and foam backing. I wasn’t entirely sure what I would find underneath but I was so happy to find a clean backer board with only a bit of glue that needing scraping. I then painted it with a foam roller using Martha Stewart’s Black Chalkboard Paint.

Chalkboard Vinyl

Using my silhouette, I cut these shapes out of vinyl. The ‘Menu’ can be found in the silhouette store and the laurels are of my own design but similar can be found for about $1 as well.

Chalkboard Menu Painted

Using painter’s tape to transfer the image, I placed the Menu cut-out as I liked and made sure all of the surfaces where well attached. I found that I needed to use a slightly thicker paint because of the bumpy nature of what I was painting. I used a multi-surface craft paint from that would cure after air-drying for 21 days. I painted a few thin layers to create texture.

Chalkboard Adding Laurels

I removed the vinyl while the paint was tacky and allowed the “Menu” to dry for one hour before placing the laurels. I painted them the same as the step before.

Chalkboard Conditioning

I’m conservative with drying times so I let the entire picture dry overnight before conditioning. I took a piece of chalk and rubbed the entire surface gently. And then I wiped with a dry, soft cloth in circular motions to condition the chalkboard.

Chalkboard in Place

Voila! I am so thrilled with how this turned out. It is really adding personality in that area of the kitchen.

Now I just need to get the tile backsplash and cork board up. That’s DIY in a foreclosure home for ya – always another project.

Thank you so much to Holly for having me stop by today to share this home décor project with you!


How completely adorable is this??? Rachel, I am totally cliché because I think it actually WAS calling out to you!  I think I hear my name being called as well…

If you want to see more of the fun stuff going on over at Craving Some Creativity check out these recent posts from Rachel:



Don’t forget to head over to Gingerly Made to see my little project.


MM Sig

Hello Lovlies! I have laughed so many times over the raging debate that was going on over the painted door issue.  My friend and I started the #painteddoorgate phenom and totally enjoyed seeing the comments going back and forth on facebook (for the record, it was OVERWHELMINGLY in favor of painting the doors a color).

Since I know how much you all love painting projects, I thought I would walk you through the latest decorative paint method that I have tried.  It’s got quite a few steps to it, but none of them are difficult. This is Toscana Milk paint and Amy Howard has great videos that you can watch to build your confidence (and her southern drawl is just like butter).

MM milk paint collage

I plan on painting a large piece of furniture in our bedroom using this milk paint (using different colors) and thought I would show you step-by-step examples on a smaller piece.

Here is my before piece:

MM Milk paint before

First, I painted the fabulous One-Step Paint in Ballet white as the base color.  I chose the light color so that when I distressed the top layer of paint, this would show through.

MM milk paint

The next step is to mix up the Legno Gesso.  When working with a smooth surface,  you need to prepare the surface to accept the milk paint.  You can sand down the piece so that the milk paint can grab on, but who wants to do that??  This is a furniture gesso and it acts as a surface that the milk paint can adhere to. Mix equal parts gesso and warm water and paint on in a random, messy fashion.

MM Milk Paint 1

MM Milk Paint 2

Can you see the lines?  It is a rough surface with lots of texture.  This will give the milk paint lots of crevices to fill in.

Next comes, the Toscana milk paint.  I chose Noir, a dark charcoal grey. This is also mixed equal parts water and milk paint powder.  This paint dries to the exact color as the powder.  This makes it so easy to choose the paint colors you want!

MM Milk Paint 3

See?  Look at that milky paint goodness!

MM Milk Paint 4

This step is so much fun!  This is the antiquing glaze phase–yes, I just came up with that on my own…

The antiquing glaze softens the paint so that you can rub away the top layer where you want some distressing.  So instead of sanding and scraping, you can rub away the top layer with a cloth, easy peasy.

MM Milk Paint 5

This picture shows one of the sconces waxed with dark wax and the other unwaxed.  See how it darkens the paint and makes the distressing pop?


MM Milk Paint 6

These two beauties are now hanging on either side of the TV in the bedroom.  I think they really pop against the light walls and add just enough detail

MM milk paint 8


MM milk paint 9

MM milk paint 10

MM milk paint 11

Amy Howard says “Enjoy the Bragging Rights”, so I will.  I’m quite please with the results and can’t wait to see how the dresser turns out.

Check out the full line of products and colors at Amy Howard at Home.  You won’t be disappointed.


MM Sig



My other painting projects using Amy Howard products are here and here.

The paint for this project was supplied by Amy Howard at Home, but the thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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You guys, it has been a doozy of a week here at the manor.  Momma has been sick.  So you know what that means…the house is a wreck!  Ahhhhh!

But I woke up this morning and I can breath a little, which is a good thing.  I might even have a little energy.  We shall see how long that lasts.

I went to a friend’s house (well, they will close this week) to help her pick out paint colors.  She is having a painter come in as soon as the house is theirs and she wanted a second opinion on her direction.  I LOVE giving an opinion, so I showed up with my paint deck in hand and we got to work.

One of my suggestions was to paint her interior doors a dark color.

You should have seen the “come again?!” look on her face.  We went ahead and picked a color and she promised that she would test it out, but she sounded doubtful even as she said it.

This is a look that you don’t even realize that you like.  It is a subtle change that sounds like a big scary deal. BUT IT’S NOT!

Here’s the deal:  You think it’s going to make the doors stand out in a freakish I-put-on-way-too-much-eyeliner kind of way.  But in actuality they stand out in the I-am-rocking-the-smokey-eye kind of look.

I’m pretty sure I just lost my male population of readers, but all the ladies are nodding their heads in understanding.

Adding a dark color doesn’t mean stark black. It can range from a charcoal to a brown/black to even a bold splash of color.

What do you all think?  Is this a look that you are intrigued by? Or do you think it is too bold and maybe needs to tone down the make-up a bit?

I would love to hear your thought. (Mr. Creativity, there’s no need in giving me your two cents…)


MM Sig